Monday, November 7, 2016

Red, White and Blue - Oh, the funny things you do, America, America...This is you...

I haven't said a single thing about the American election, and typically, I wouldn't. I'm not interested in having a say about a country I don't live in or have real reason to talk about.

But, considering this past year and a half, perhaps I should be a bit vocal.

I'm not usually very forthcoming with my own politics, unless I disagree with something, like the focus of my last post. Most of them weren't well developed until a couple of years ago, when I read a couple of great books.

While I don't have the right to vote, being a Canadian citizen, etc., I would - without much to need to think about it, really - check Hillary's name off on my ballot.

There are a haze of reasons why I would not go in Donald Trump's direction, but I'm just going to focus on one. Aside from Hillary Clinton having years of political experience and policy knowledge, Trump suffers from obscene, remarkable narcissism.

I cannot think of a presidential candidate who was so focused on "looking good" and jumping at every single jab at his character; his team of litigators must be massive considering the amount of people he sues because they said something mean or disparaging. I think about some of the things he has said; the obvious xenophobia, paternalism and racist nature aside, he honestly thinks he is invulnerable. He thinks he can grab a woman's genitals with no negative repercussions because he's famous; he thinks he can shoot someone and people will applaud or look the other way. His own singular beliefs that he is a 'genius' and essentially perfect in every way, to me, is what makes him unfit to run a country.

He pounces on anyone who proves his imperfections or his faults; his reactionary nature is so childish he might as well be a bully on the playground. How can this demeanour translate into diplomacy on the world stage? While he has actually committed to developing a small (very small) framework of policy, 95% of it is likely all show and grandeur. I haven't observed, over the past ten years, the U.S. to be particularly smart with its economy. Spending billions on an impractical wall based on inflated statistics - no doubt brought into existence by strong emotions than logic or stats - won't help.

The hypocrisy is overwhelming. I don't understand why someone's personal life should be considered in excess when running for president, but apparently having your husband cheat on you may influence whether people will vote for you or not - while the other candidate, who threw wives away or disregarded them while talking about groping women without fear of consequences maintains a strong level of support.

I am not putting any extreme hope tomorrow evening for either candidate. Some people are convinced Hillary Clinton will win. I'm not going to be absolutely sure about that. Donald Trump has stayed with little to no issues in the race, keeping it very close. It was easy for people to joke about his running from the first day he announced it two years ago. Then he campaigned and won primaries and knocked every other Republican nominee out of the race. No matter how many new scandals (however serious, evidently) pop up to bring Trump down a level, he recovers without much problem. He has almost no support from his party yet he's mere single digits behind Clinton. I will be ready to see the results when I see them. It should be very interesting.

If Trump wins, I will admittedly be quite amused at the kind of values and leader our southern neighbours actually want. As far as I'll be concerned, we've got a country-wide election version of America's Funniest Home Videos. Where American citizens actually believed in the commercial Trump created featuring the slogan "Making America Great Again." Except when he doesn't work, they can't return him to the store. He's non-refundable.

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