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I titled this 'flopped' because my original subject matter was going to be very different. A month or two ago, I went through the whole backlog of this blog and deleted probably the bulk of it. I decided it was all way too personal, irrelevant, and silly, especially when a lot of it was based on an emotional motivation.

Originally, having been struck big by a song I discovered yesterday, I was going to analyze it along with several others over my life that have really had an effect on me - 'Our House,' 'Millennium,' etc. - and see if there are similarities and characteristics between them that say all I need to know about what I absolutely love to hear. However, that's a personal thing I can write in a journal. Why should you care about why I like something or that I like it? Unless it's a song review and I'm using my musical training/background/taste.

Instead I'm going to put a short thing I wrote about the election several weeks ago that I'd written. A friend told me it would make a great opinion piece, so why not, I'll have it here.


Regarding the election, the outcome shocked the world. I wasn’t surprised, but I wasn’t particularly happy, either. Everyone around me knew Hilary Clinton would win the election, and even by a landslide. I didn’t have such high hopes, thinking that if she won, it might be by very little, or not at all. I was right not to invest all my hope; Donald Trump won in a landslide against Clinton, largely for his anti-establishment rhetoric and protectionist agenda. It partly amused me, though – people like my friend Atley were adamant that the Americans would “go forward, not backwards.” They went backwards, and extremely so.

Results like this tell me two things: 1 – being loud, belligerent, apathetic, relatively famous and full of financial resources, and infinitely narcissistic can win you the highest office in the United States – and 2: People’s emotions are probably a lot more cyclical in nature than they are progressive. We might enter a period of little racism or discrimination, but that doesn’t mean we’re in an eternal period of enlightenment. Racism, xenophobia, and many other negative –isms have a way of rearing their ugly heads, and in a vengeful, massive way, all over again from time to time. Regardless of how much effort has been done to educate. Educating can do so much, but it can’t eliminate the hate and evil that persists in our very imperfect species. I’ve read in more than one book that the best enlightenment can do is keep evil at bay (but never successfully eradicate it).

Spiritually (and ideologically) fanatical proponents of the positive –isms such as feminism, etc, will immediately label the American working-class of uneducated white men as disgusting animals who cannot bear the idea of having a female president in office. I expect there is some truth in their propaganda, but I can’t disqualify Trump’s fear-based platform as having little to do with their purported main reason. Rather, I think his rhetoric about 'dangerous' Muslims and Mexican “rapists” as well as cutting trade programs and outsourcing to keep jobs in the country (while opposing the all-elite classes against him) spoke a little more to them. Not to mention Trump used very plain, simple language that such a working class of people would probably appreciate – he came off as an everyman more than as a politician.

Either way, it should be interesting how this will play out in the next few months. Trump came off as speculative in an ignorant sense, and I suppose his office may undo some of the better things previous presidents have done in the name of social progression (gay marriage, abortion, etc.) but we’ll see. I don’t see the point in feeling wholly negative and despairing as a large many do. Life is a ride; sometimes it gets bumpy, and when it does, that’s when it gets exciting.

That was the original end of what I'd written. I feel I should go on to point out that in saying turmoil is 'exciting,' I mean that often the ride to success is a lot more fun than the arrival at it. I'm not looking forward to people getting hurt or even killed, etc. That being said, I am not treating everything as a black and white issue; Muslims are peaceful and dangerous just as westerners are the same; there are definitely Mexican rapists just as there are American rapists and Canadian rapists. Living on planet Earth means living with risk. It's impossible to mitigate it. There are definitely base standards - why we have policing systems - and that affords us, in the western world, a reasonable, acceptable standard of safe living. With risks that we can manage.

The world is not a black-and-white place; emotional motivations and judgments are not reflective of logical ones; humanity is not a perfect (or simple) species; one cannot please everyone.
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