Thursday, June 30, 2016

Done With Circuits

I've got enough time in the circuit on my own now, so after today I'll finally be moving on from that. But I made sure to record a video of as much of my alone time in the plane as possible. The original was almost forty minutes (after which either the battery died or the memory card got full). I've cut it down to eight minutes, ending on a time-lapse of sorts of the rest of the footage.

I overshoot the first time but land the second; you'll have to excuse the silly poses I made, which I did in thinking I could make a neat profile picture and/or journal cover.

Moving on from circuiting. Finally. Also, all the cuts at the beginning of all the checks I make in the cockpit on the ground covered what was actually over sixteen minutes of checklist stuff, re-checking the checklist, fumbling with the keys, writing down times, etc. etc. etc.....

Hope this is inspiring in any way for those who want to learn how to fly - it's really pretty easy.

Red Cloud

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