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Big List of Micro-Reviews, The

It occurred to me that while I do song reviews almost at random on here now and then, I never actually think of all the stuff I already listen to that I've compiled into my big list. Every time, it's a song I've just started listening to out of new interest or perhaps renewed interest (like 'Love Shack,' etc.)

The big list:
A Flock of Seagulls
-I Ran (So Far Away) (1982)
-You Can Run (1982)
-Story of a Young Heart (1984)
Ace of Base
-The Sign (1993)
-All That She Wants (1992)
After the Fire
-Der Kommissar (1982) [English Cover]
Alanis Morissette
-You Oughta Know (1995)
Amanda Marshall
-Birmingham (1995)
-Let it Rain (1995)
-You Can Do Magic (1982)
April Wine
-Say Hello (1979)
Asteroids Galaxy Tour
-Around the Bend (2008)
B-52's, The
-Roam (1990)
-Love Shack (1989)
-Cruel Summer (1983)
Bangles, The
-Walk Like an Egyptian (1986)
Barenaked Ladies
-Enid (1992)
-One Week (1998)
-It's All Been Done (1999)
-Pinch Me (2000)
-Brian Wilson (1992)
-Falling For the First Time (2001)
Bass is Base
-I Cry (1996)
Beach Boys, The
-California Girls (1965)
-Kokomo (1988)
Beat, The
-March of the Swivelheads/Rotating Head (1982)
-Mirror in the Bathroom (1980)
Big Audio Dynamite
-E=MC2 (1986)
Big Mountain
-Baby, I Love Your Way (Reggae Cover) (1994)
Billy Joel
-Its Still Rock and Roll To Me (1980)
Blind Melon
-No Rain (1992)
-Call Me (1980)
Blue Peter
-Radio Silence (1980)
Blue Rodeo
-Trust Yourself (1990)
-Hasn't Hit Me Yet (1993)
Boney M.
-Rasputin (1978)
Box, The
-Walk Away (1984)
-My Dreams of You (1986)
-Picture of You (1997)
Bran Van 3000
-Drinking in L.A. (1997)
Bryan Addams
-Run To You (1984)
Cars, The
-You Are The Girl (1987)
-Magic (1984)
-Good Times Roll (1978)
-Tonight She Comes (1985)
-Drive (1984)
Chemical Brothers, The
-Let Forever Be (1999)
-25 or 6 to 4 (1970)
-My Girl (1981)
-Tubthumping (1997)
Citizen King
-Better Days (And the Bottom Drops Out) (1999)
-Clocks (2002)
Counting Crows
-Mr. Jones (1993)
-Hangingaround (1999)
Cult, The
-Rain (1985)
Cure, The
-Just Like Heaven (1987)
David Bowie
-Suffragette City (1976)
-Whip It (1980)
Dexy's Midnight Runners
-Come On Eileen (1982)
Diego Garcia
-All Eyes on You (2011)
Don Henley
-The Boys of Summer (1984)
Donnie Iris
-Ah! Leah! (1980)
-Mellow Yellow (1966)
Doobie Brothers, The
-It Keeps You Runnin' (1976)
Duran Duran
-Rio (1982)
-Hold Back the Rain (1982)
-New Religion (1982)
-Hungry Like the Wolf (1982)
-Is There Something I Should Know? (1983)
Eagles, The
-Hotel California (1977)
Econoline Crush
-You Don't Know What It's Like (1999)
-All That You Are x3 (1997)
Eiffel 65
-Blue (Da ba dee) (1999)
Eight Seconds
-Kiss You (When it's Dangerous) (1986)
-Sincere (I Will Return) (1988)
-Tell Diane (1990)
Electric Light Orchestra (ELO)
-Turn to Stone (1977)
-Orinoco Flow (1988)
Eric Clapton
-Cocaine (1976)
-Would I Lie To You? (1985)
-Der Kommissar [Original] (1981)
Fatboy Slim
-Praise You (1999)
-Take a Picture (1999)
Fiction Factory
-(Feels Like) Heaven (1983)
Fine Young Cannibals
-Good Thing (1989)
Fixx, The
-One Thing Leads to Another (1983)
-Phasors on Stun (1978)
-Just Like You (1985)
Foo Fighters
-Learn to Fly (1999)
Gary Numan
-Cars (1979)
-Turn it On Again (1980)
-Misunderstanding (1980)
-No Reply at All (1981)
-Me and Sarah Jane (1981)
-Keep it Dark (1981)
-That's All (1983)
-Illegal Alien (1984)
-Invisible Touch (1986)
-Land of Confusion (1986)
-I Can't Dance (1991)
-Jesus He Knows Me (1992)
George Michael
-Freedom 90 (1990)
Gino Vanelli
-Just a Motion Away (1985)
-Wild Horses (1987)
Glenn Frey
-The Heat is On (1985)
Go-Go's, The
-Our Lips Are Sealed (1981)
-Head over Heels (1985)
-(You're a) Strange Animal (1985)
-Cosmetics (1985)
-Moonlight Desires (1987)
Green Day
-When I Come Around (1995)
-MMMBop (1997)
-Where's The Love? (1997)
Harvey Danger
-Flagpole Sitta (1998)
Honeymoon Suite
-Wave Babies (1984)
-All Along You Knew (1986)
Huey Lewis and the News
-Heart and Soul (1983) [Cover of original by Exile]
Idle Eyes
-Tokyo Rose (1985)
-Just An Illusion (1982)
-Edge of the Ocean (2001)
-Can’t Stop (1997)
J. Geils Band, The
-Centrefold (1980)
-Freeze Frame (1980)
Jimmy Ray
-Are You Jimmy Ray? (1998)
Joe Walsh
-Life's Been Good (1978)
-Just Got Lucky (1983)
-Lights (1978)
Julian Lennon
-Much Too Late for Goodbyes (1984)
Katrina & The Waves
-Walking on Sunshine (1985)
Kim Mitchell
-Go For a Soda (1984)
-All We Are (1984)
Laura Branigan
-Self Control (1984)
-Steel my Sunshine (1999)
Lenny Kravitz
-It Ain't Over 'Till it's Over (1991)
-Fly Away (1998)
-Sunny Days (1972)
-The Dolphin's Cry (1999)
Lou Bega
-A Little bit of Mambo (Minus Tracks 11, 12, & 13). (1999)
-Good Day (2000)
Macy Gray
-I Try (1999)
-One Step Beyond (Minus Tracks 1, 5, 7, & 15) (1979)
-Work, Rest & Play EP (1980)
-Absolutely (Minus Track 7) (1980)
-7 (1981)
-Presents The Rise and Fall (1982)
-Keep Moving (1984)
-Mad Not Mad (Minus Tracks 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, & 10) (1985)
-It's Madness (Compilation including B-Sides) (Tracks 4, 6, & 12) (1990)
-It's Madness Too (Compilation including B-Sides) (Tracks 10 & 12) (1991)
-Wonderful (Minus Tracks 6, 8, & 11) (1999)
-The Liberty of Norton Folgate (Minus Tracks 1, 2, 4, 5, 9, 11, 12, 14, & 15) (2009)
-Oui Oui Si Si Ja Ja Da Da (Tracks 1 & 10) (2013)
-It Must Be Love (1981)
-House of Fun (1982)
-Driving in my Car (1982)
-(Waiting For) The Ghost Train (1986)
Martha and the Muffins
-Echo Beach (1980)
-Song in my Head (as M+M) (1985)
-Cooling the Medium (as M+M) (1984)
Max Webster
-A Million Vacations (1979)
Men at Work
-Down Under (1981)
Men Without Hats
-Safety Dance (1983)
Michael Jackson
-Beat it (1983)
-The Way You Make Me Feel (1987)
-Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' (1983)
-Black or White (1991)
-Don't Stop 'Till You Get Enough (1979)
Mighty Mighty Bosstones
-The Impression I Get (1997)
-We Are All Made of Stars (2002)
Murray Head
-One Night in Bangkok (1984)
Natalie Imbruglia
-Torn (1997)
Natalie Merchant
-Carnival (1995)
New Radicals
-You Get What You Give (1998)
Nik Kershaw
-Wouldn't It Be Good (1984)
No Doubt
-Don't Speak (1996)
-D'You Know What I Mean? (1997)
Offspring, The
-Why Don't You Get a Job? (1999)
-Pretty Fly (For a White Guy) (1998)
-Ms. Jackson (2001)
Our Lady Peace
-Innocent (2002)
Partland Brothers
-Soul City (1986)
Paul Janz
-Go to Pieces (1985)
Paul Simon
-The Boy in the Bubble (1986)
-You Can Call Me Al (1986)
-I'm Sorry (I Only Did it For the Money) (1981)
-Eyes of a Stranger (1982)
-Stuck in the Rain (1987)
Pearl Jam
-Alive (1991)
Peter Frampton
-Baby, I Love Your Way (Original) (1975)
Peter Gabriel
-Game Without Frontiers (1980)
-In Your Eyes (1986)
-Sledgehammer (1986)
Peter Schilling
-Major Tom (Coming Home) (1982)
Phil Collins
-Don't Lose My Number (1985)
-Another Day in Paradise (1989)
-Take Me Home (1985)
Philosopher Kings, The
-Charms (1996)
-I Am The Man (1997)
-Magic (1974)
Police, The
-So Lonely (1978)
-Message in a Bottle (1979)
-Walking on the Moon (1979)
-Don't Stand So Close to Me (1980)
-De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da (1980)
-Contact (1979)
-It's Alright For You (1979)
-Synchronicity II (1983)
-One World (Not Three) (1981)
Pretenders, The
-Back on the Chain Gang (1982)
Psychedelic Furs, The
-The Ghost in You (1984)
-When Doves Cry (1984)
-Raspberry Beret (1985)
-Kiss (1986)
Pukka Orchestra
-Might as Well Be on Mars (1984)
-Power Cut (1984)
Randy Newman
-I Love L.A. (1983)
Red Hot Chilli Peppers
-Under the Bridge (1992)
-Soul to Squeeze (1993)
-Can’t Get There From Here (1985)
-Stand (1988)
-World Leader Pretend (1988)
-Pop Song ’89 (1988)
-Orange Crush (1988)
-It's the End of the World As We Know it (And I Feel Fine) (1987)
-The One I Love (1987)
-Losing my Religion (1991)
-Shiny Happy People (1991)
-Near Wild Heaven (1991)
-Man on the Moon (1992)
-Everybody Hurts (1993)
-What’s the Frequency, Kenneth? (1994)
-All The Way To Reno (You’re Gonna Be A Star) (2001)
-Ready to Go (1996)
Robbie Robertson
-Somewhere Down the Crazy River (1987)
Robbie Williams
-Millennium (1998)
-Do You Know (What it Takes?) (1997)
Romantics, The
-Talking in Your Sleep (1983)
-The Look (1989)
-Fly By Night (1975)
-(I'll Never Be) Maria Magdalena (1985)
Sarah McLachlan
-Building a Mystery (1997)
Sass Jordan
-Make You A Believer (1992)
Savage Garden
-I Want You (1997)
Scritti Politti
-Perfect Way (1985)
Seals & Croft
-Summer Breeze (1972)
-Crazy (1990)
-Kiss From a Rose (1994)
-If I'm Any Closer (2010)
-Dance & Shout (2000)
-It Wasn't Me (2000)
Sharkey, Feargal
-Listen to Your Father (1985)
Sherry Kean
-I Want You Back (1984)
Sheryl Crow
-Everyday is a Winding Road (1996)
Simple Minds
-Don't You Forget About Me (1985)
-Love Song (1999)
Smash Mouth
-All Star (1999)
-Then the Morning Comes (1999)
-Informer (1992)
-Joke Thing (2000)
-Everybody Wants to Be Like You (2000)
Some, Belouis
-Imagination (1985)
-It Feels So Good (1999)
Specials, The
-Nite Klub (1979)
Spin Doctors
-Two Princes (1993)
-Jimmy Olsen’s Blues (1993)
Split Enz
-Message to my Girl (1984)
-Nova Heart (1982)
-Romantic Traffic (1984)
-It's Been Awhile (2001)
Stampeders, The
-Sweet City Woman (1971)
Steely Dan
-Reelin' In The Years (1973)
-Rikki Don't Lose That Number (1974)
-Magic Carpet Ride (1968)
-Born to be Wild (1968)
Steve Miller Band
-Jungle Love (1977)
Steve Winwood
-Higher Love (1986)
Stevie Wonder
-Uptight (Everything's Alright) (1966)
Stone Temple Pilots
-Sour Girl (2000)
Strange Advance
-We Run (1985)
-Santeria (1997)
-4am (1995)
Sugar Ray
-Every Morning (1999)
-Fly (1997)
-Someday (1999)
-When It's Over (2001)
-Alright (1995)
-Dreamer (1974)
-Logical Song (1979)
-Bloody Well Right (1974)
-Breakfast in America (1979)
-Take the Long Way Home (1979)
-Child of Vision (1979)
Swing Out Sister
-Am I The Same Girl? (1992)
Tal Bachman
-She's So High (1999)
Talking Heads
-And She Was (1985)
-Burning Down the House (1983)
-Life During Wartime (1979)
Tears for Fears
-Mad World (1983)
-Change (1983)
-Shout (1985)
-Sowing the Seeds of Love (1989)
-Everybody Wants to Rule the World (1985)
-Head Over Heels (1985)
Tenants, The
-The Tenants (Minus Track 5) (1983)
Third Eye Blind
-Semi-Charmed Life (1997)
Thompson Twins
-Hold Me Now (1983)
-If You Were Here (1983)
-Waterfalls (1994)
Todd Rundgren
-Bang on the Drum All Day (1983)
-When Can I See You Again (1983)
-Africa (1982)
-Hold The Line (1978)
-Heart & Soul (1987)
Tragically Hip, The
-Courage (For Hugh MacLennan) (1993)
-At The Hundredth Meridian (1993)
-Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me) (2001)
-We’re Here For a Good Time (Not a Long Time) (1977)
-Mysterious Ways (1991)
-Beautiful Day (2000)
-I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (1987)
Uriah Heep
-Something or Nothing (1974)
Vapors, The
-Turning Japanese (1980)
Verve, The
-Bittersweet Symphony (1997)
Wall of Voodoo
-Mexican Radio (1983)
Wang Chung
-Dance Hall Days (1984)
-Here I Go Again (1987 Radio Remix)
World Party
-Ship of Fools (1987)
-Way Down Now (1990)
-Is it Like Today? (1993)
-Owner of a Lonely Heart (1983)
-Things we do for Love (1976)

-Dreadlock Holiday (1978)

Of course, I can't write a proper review of everything in there that I haven't already all at once, or in quick time, but what about doing a series of micro-reviews? Short paragraphs per song, in alphabetical order by band, with a short summary of the band prior to their songs. Something that can tie up everything under one big umbrella.

In the interest of having the space for posts kept to a practical minimum, I'm going to stop this here and dive in for 'A' in a new post.

Here I go,

Red Cloud

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