Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Not Three (One)

Once again, Wal-Mart music has given me a rare bit of greatness.

In the backroom, all I could usually hear was the constant horn riff that plays from beginning to end, as well as the staccato guitar sometimes. It was great to finally figure it out. At first I thought it was a Sing solo song, but it's actually from The Police.

This is the kind of thing that speaks to me clearly and beautifully, almost entirely due to its genre. This is what makes me say "Reggae (and Ska) are my life." I love everything about it, from its musical structure to the riffs to the progression. And it's quite simple as well - just, in general, a G-F-D progression. A I-VII-V in G minor. It sounds like Andy Summers is simply rotating from G to F major chords. But considering his (and Stewart Copeland's) amazing proficiency, I'm sure he mixed in other things too.

I remember thinking at one time that 'All That She Wants' by Ace of Base would perfectly sum up my musical taste, thanks to its staccato piano riff, apparent sax and general sound, but this song does it much better. You get this 'fun' aspect from the music thanks to how it just sounds like it came from a jam session initiated by Copeland. It seems like they're just doing what they want in a jam, using that simple progression. Near the end Sting changes it up brilliantly by reversing it to D-F-G.

On top of its general essence they added a repeating horn riff, an occasional sax (which elevates it well) and thoughtful, virtually rapped-out lyrics about getting along together considering we're "all in the same boat."

It's upbeat and cheery and at the same time laid-back. That's what Reggae/ska often gives me - a laid back, easy-going tone that's colourful and clear. People seem to have these stereotypes that both genres are propelled forward by drug-inducing hippies that lie on the beach all day, or wayward types. And perhaps it can be silly or annoying for some to have someone play a piano or a guitar in short isolated little beeps rather than in long, resonating, connecting chords that fade. Maybe it's appealing to me thanks to the individual forms they create in my mind's synesthetic eye, instead of one long, always changing, connected one.

This song is virtually bathed in afternoon light for me. I get an image of tall trees looking in a northeast direction, with the afternoon sun on them, thanks to the bass and the guitar. And it's nice and long but not endless, so I can listen through it and lose myself in it without getting bored, largely thanks to Copeland's flourishing changes in rhythm and style.

Music: A
Lyrics: A-

This is a song that makes me happy in my musical tastes and interests, because it takes the genre and makes it sound so illuminating and beautiful and just laid-back and happy, easygoing. It appeals to what I love.

Red Cloud

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