Sunday, May 31, 2015

Moonlit Driving Illusions

In the nearly three years I've been driving my car, I've come to find that there are certain songs that are just perfect for listening to quietly while driving along at night, mostly in the city.

This one's a perfect example:

It just sounds like night in the city to me. It happened to come on the radio while I was driving home after time spent with a friend. I was on Leitrim, with the moonlight shining on me from above. Then I saw the airport lights and masts, and it was perfect.

It's a smooth, cool-sounding song to me. Just the music's atmosphere. I originally thought a woman sang the lyrics, with backing female singers, but interestingly it's actually several British black men - literally black-skinned. I synesthetically get mostly nighttime imagery and scenes.

This isn't the only song that works perfectly at night - there are others, except I can't really name them because I never hear them enough to try to figure out what they are. Gowan's 'Moonlight Desires' works, though it sounds obvious. I should try and figure them out - maybe I can make a list and a subsequent CD or something so I get specific songs for each occasion. After all, there are songs good for driving in the morning or in the rain - 'Birmingham' by Amanda Marshall sounds like a morning song to me, while 'Sheriff' by Tenants sounds like an afternoon rush hour thing and 'Heart and Soul' by T'Pau sounds good to listen to in the rain. Songs for the dusk, evening, night, midday, whatever. Songs for after you've dropped your friend off and you have a bit of a drive home.

I will see about putting together a project like this, and maybe post the results when I have them eventually.

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