Sunday, March 22, 2015

Some Minor Changes

Thought I should update the look of the page a little. Just in terms of gadgets and what it says next to my picture.

I had to remove the "Absolutely Everything" gadget for two reasons. The main one was the home site it was operating from. Since I added the gadget in December 2009, I ended up being connected to a companion site through the gadget that told me statistics - who came here from where and how. I found it quite useful even though the search tool the gadget was supposed to be was less reliable than the actual search tool above it. The site went through several names - from "Ljit" to "Sovrn" to something else, and now it's changing again. Ever since January, for some reason, the stats don't work anymore even though I have a profile on there that's valid.

Of course, the second reason was the mindless searches people were conducting. I wouldn't care if they didn't show up as searched terms hugely on the gadget. Removing it was more for visitors who would be confronted with troll-like slurs vandalizing the page.

I actually found some of them funny. I looked up what "hipster" means on Wiktionary. There were 4 meanings: 1 - someone "keenly interested in the latest trends or fashion," 2 - A "member of bohemian counterculture," 3 - An "Aficionado of Jazz who finds him or herself to be hip," and 4 - underwear with "elastic waistband at hip level."

I tend to get the impression a lot of people think they know what certain commonly-used words mean, but they actually don't. I definitely didn't know the proper definition of it, and thought it was generally meant to describe someone trying to be cool, sub-zero, and/or better than everyone else. I'm not interested in the latest fashion or trends - in fact I like to be quite individualistic, my own creator of style, if I wanted to create such a thing. All my movie and music reviews on here are of songs and films that are over ten years old, typically. I don't think that's much of a trend, is it? Listening to old stuff?

I have little to no interest in Jazz; I couldn't consider myself bohemian or part of any counterculture; and obviously I'm not a pair of underwear complete with hip-level elastic band. If you prefer to see me as such, that is your choice.

To finish, this is a personal blog. It's just like any other personal blog. Some are a lot more personal than mine, and I intend on removing some old stuff I have way back here because I consider it too personal now. If anyone thinks all I care about is myself or have a big ego, they're missing the point. You write a personal blog about yourself and your interests, not about what others think. You don't write to devalue yourself unless that's your goal.

That of course was written for the normal visitors who are genuinely interested in what they see and have a brain and an ounce of human decency. Sorry about the vandalism. The other search box is much more reliable. It has always been.

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