Saturday, February 14, 2015

Hallmark of Days, The

When I think about days like Valentines Day, I try to find a way to justify it. Any holiday, or special day, has some sort of justification to it. Christmas had religious beginnings, and Easter has a similar origin/basis. Mothers and Fathers Days to me would equate almost to Thanksgiving, in that you are saying thanks to someone who brought you up, raised you, and nurtured you, made you who you are today. As for Thanksgiving, that has historic justification.

Out of all the special days of the year, I can't find any justification for this one. There is no real point to Valentines Day just like there is no real point to Halloween or Family Day, which to my non-Canadian readers is a holiday (at least in Ontario) where a couple of Mondays during the month of February are considered holidays (basically stores are closed and no one has to go to work).

Before you call me negative, let me ask this question: Did something special happen today historically? Is it a celebration of someone notable? Is it patriotic? Are we celebrating in the name of our country like we would for Canada Day or the American Independence Day on July 4th? Is it someone's birthday? Ironically, today actually is my paternal aunt's birthday. Let me ask this even more dumb question: Are we only specifically allowed to celebrate relationships and romance on this day, and this day only?

I wouldn't normally say much about today but there's a certain stigma it creates that I find childish and bothersome. In what I've taken from media and TV and other places, I've found that that stigma created is "Single = Bad/Sad."

There is a slight superiority I find that those in a relationship tend to create on a day like this, especially when they make a ridiculous show of romance; being alone is the most horrible thing to be on Valentines Day. On TV, characters who don't have a girlfriend/boyfriend are miserable and feel like they have no reason to exist because it's this occasion and they're alone, and that removes the point to anything. Some people take Valentines Day ridiculously seriously, and if you're alone, that's, no, just smother yourself. Geez.

There is a reason for today to exist: It's commercial profit. Hallmark and all the other card makers make it a big deal; it's another day on which to exploit an occasion that would require a card. In any film set on the day, the main character is desperate to - and gets - a girl. That's the point to the day when all it is is a profit-making scheme.

Call me negative. Call me pessimistic and single. I'll just call you childish and ignorant. My basic message here is to those who take a stupid view on such a mindlessly normal day: Being on your own does not mean your life has no point or meaning. Having a partner is not the end product of life; you weren't put on this earth to have a partner or you'll rot away. Valentines Day is not I'm-single-so-my-life-is-lonely-and-depressing. Nor is it I'm-in-a-relationship-so-I'm-better-than-you-and-I'm-going-to-shove-it-in-your-face. It's a day for Hallmark cards to sell. If I were in a relationship, I wouldn't wait for a certain day to do something romantic. I'd do it every day of the year. She wouldn't get any more or less from me just because it's February 14th.

Those who are single are not inferior or any less to those who are in a relationship, no matter how much media and TV try to force that down everyones' throats. Being alone should be just as good as being with someone. It's no doubt less complicated. And again, do we need a day to be especially romantic? Use your own free will and be romantic whenever you want.

As for Halloween, I said it was meaningless because really, it's fun for children, and that's all. It's more of a social event than a special day, dressing up and going from house to house with your friends collecting candy. Family Days are essentially a normal weekend expanded by 24 hours, which the government thinks we need a couple of times a year for some reason. No different from any other long weekend.

Happy Valentines Day. To Everyone, not just those in a relationship, who have nothing more than those who aren't. If I had some money, I'd buy a Hallmark card for the occasion. That's the point, after all, isn't it?

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