Saturday, November 1, 2014

Some Statistics

I never do this, but I thought, why not. Let's reveal the viewing statistics for this blog from December 31st, 2013, to October 31st, 2014. I say December 31st because that's when I enabled Analytics to track viewership of this blog. I usually look at location-based statistics over everything else, because I prefer to know where my viewers came from rather than what operating system they use or browser or screen resolution. Those stats I find kind of boring - after all, for network, virtually anything past the 100th meridian uses Shaw. Whatever.

Top ten views location-wise - Canada:

Ottawa: 322 (Not surprising)
Toronto: 116
Calgary: 60 (Geez)
Winnipeg: 57
Vancouver: 40
Montreal: 28
Edmonton: 14
Mississauga: 13
Hamilton: 9
Guelph: 8

After this follows a list of one hundred more cities/towns all over the country, from Halifax to Grand Prairie, Flin Flon to Newmarket, Duncan to Quebec City, and Selkirk to London. It's interesting how this page can get so many diverse views...excusing all of the silly searches for the 100th meridian.

What's extremely more staggering is when I go to international views. An astonishing 71 countries pop up.

Top Ten Views Internationally:

Canada: 862
United States: 456
United Kingdom: 105
Brazil: 30
Australia: 28
Germany: 21
Singapore: 20
Italy: 19
France: 17
Ireland: 15

The other sixty-one have quite a range; North America is entirely covered, but also quite a bit of South America, Central America, and Europe. To my surprise, almost every country in the former Yugoslavia from Bosnia & Herzegovina to Macedonia have stopped by, and virtually every country in central Europe has visited a few times. Russia has four views while Ukraine has three. This includes countries in the Middle East such as Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. It goes as far east as Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia. Even a country or two in Africa has clicked on 'The Red Cloud' or 'The Ottawan.' It's quite astonishing.

In the entire year, only 21.8% of visitors have returned, while 78.2% have been here once. At least I hold some of my audience, and it's probably the audience I have here locally.

Overall views: 1,762.

That's pretty neat for one year. After all, this isn't a big, recognized, nationally popular or viewed blog (well, in one instance it is, but only on a one-time-visit basis). It's just a place for me to write my perception on things from music to everyday observations, maybe a story. It's just me. And I'm glad I've been doing this for six years now. That's a good history right there.

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