Saturday, October 11, 2014

Wild Horses

As per is the custom for me these days, I heard a song I liked on the radio while driving home from the college today. I've never counted how many songs Boom 99.7 has given me to listen to. I really should. That list I put out in June is hopelessly out of date now. I should really update it.

The song had a yearning, forlorn-sounding fretless bass part that I liked, and the drums were a constant brush-stricken rhythm. While I at first decided it was an alright song that was good but not enough for me to want to look it up, the tune stuck with me until I finally looked it up a few minutes ago.

It took me a few tries to get something close to resembling the actual lyrics when I Googled them, giving me songs ranging from Taylor Swift to Johnny Cash and the Rolling Stones, but when I saw the name 'Gino Vanelli,' I almost knew for certain that that would be the song - after all, Boom is virtually loyal to broadcasting Canadian content, and I of course turned out to be right. Who else would it be?

The sound of the song definitely made sense to me because I saw a good similarity to his other song 'Just a Motion Away,' which has a similar yearning to it. That song makes me think of good memories, or seeing memories of a certain time in a nostalgic light. The three distinct piano notes - A-B-C - as well as the general procession of the chorus really communicate that feeling to me. The only other song I know of his - and don't like very much - is 'Black Cars.' I like the lyrics. I just think its keyboards and riffs sound silly and way too over-the-top. It sounds awesome during the summer when I've just gotten inside my own black car after having it parked in the sun for hours. But that's just the lyrics.

I think this current song will go on to be something I habitually listen to for awhile. I like the music video quite a bit, for its monochrome, scenes, and lady. The musicians sometimes switch around - I was surprised by an obese guy on the drums a few times, out of nowhere - but the lighting and place just looks nice to me. It seems forlorn like the song, and the direction of light (in my orienting the direction of the camera and placement of people) matches the afternoon light I synesthetically view the music in.

There's one other large aspect, and it's Gino Vanelli himself. You'll have to excuse me for this, but for some reason, if I felt that I looked like anyone, it was him. Had my hair been a bit more curly, my glasses off my face, and my jawline clear of any beard (and moustache) I could pass off as this guy.

I normally never think anyone could look much like me. I've never seen any example. The only people who have ever claimed I look like anyone else they knew was my "ex" from Calgary (who I heartily disagreed with as the person she showed me had a ridiculous moon face, no beard, and had virtually no similarities in eyes or hair) and that girl I had that short-lived friendship with last year, who had "The Look." That was an unusual experience because while I was busy comparing her to all the other lookalikes, I was already a lookalike of - or that other person - to her.

Gino Vanelli is the closest to come to looking like me from my eyes. Largely thanks to how his eyes look. And as a result, I kind of like watching the video because I get the false, superficial feeling that I'm watching someone like myself.

I'll stop going on about that for now. It's a very selfish, egotistical reason to like a song or music video - "hey, he looks like me!" - and doesn't provide very cordial reading material. I like the song. Gino Vanelli has a nice voice, and an obviously kind temperament in how he performs. He comes from Montreal.

It's a nice song. I hope I can do that sometime in my future. Would be neat to look cool in a video performing a song. I cannot sing though.

[Update]: In watching it again, the girl who plays harmonica also has a passing resemblance to that 'look' I find attractive with the eyes. Add in what sounds like a very quiet background keyboard melody towards the end, and the way I see myself in terms of face when I look at Vanelli, and from my perspective it's a perfect diorama of me with my 'type' including the beautiful, loving synesthetic reaction I get from that background keyboard in the end. Wow. Gee.

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