Monday, September 15, 2014

'I Cry'

One afternoon, while driving, I heard a song on Boom that had a tone and nostalgic sound to me. A lot of the time, my synesthesia will mesh what I see of one thing with something else. In this case, how I synesthetically perceive the 1990s, and the sound of the song.

The 90s, looking back generically, look aqua blue to me. This isn't based on personal memory as it is on media as well as my synesthetic perceptions and alterations of them all combined. It's a mixture of pale blue, white, and some yellow mixed about based on context. This blue colour originated with a Loony Tunes introduction I used to watch on TV as a child, where Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck strut in front of a blue stage curtain. Music videos by artists like Seal (Kiss From a Rose), Hanson (Where's the Love), Oasis ('D'You Know What I Mean?'), The Verve ('Bittersweet Symphony'), as well as media artwork like the cover of The Philosopher Kings' debut album or the movie posters for Space Jam or Matilda or Reality Bites all have a large blue or white colour scheme in/on them. I can even top it off with Eiffel 65's one-hit wonder 'I'm Blue (Dabadee).' Or that silly pop band called Aqua. The majority of stuff from that decade are just blue and white, in artwork or video or whatever.

This song was like the epitome of 90s pale blue/white, including yellow.

It gives me a scene and context that is exactly how I'd look at the 90s: Dreary, cold out, maybe winter with white cloudy skies or a meek sunny day with a dreary overtone to it. All covered in a shade of pale blue. People were just getting along and hoping they'd make it through the day or month, no worry of AIDs or HIV or whatever. For some reason I put on the lens of a twenty-something who is worried about all this stuff at the time, young and inexperienced but adult. Maybe the perspective of someone in that Reality Bites movie (though I've never seen it - I've only read up on it on Wikipedia out of interest). Maybe from the perspective of my parents, who were both in their late twenties in the early 1990s. I was only five when this song came out, and had no dreary perspective whatsoever (considering I was finishing junior kindergarten, or starting senior kindergarten, at the time).

I like the guitar parts in the song. They sound bright, which I like, and give me that yellow-white. Like a pick-me-up in that dreary landscape, or someone who is reassuring you in troubled times. Which makes sense considering the song seems to be about someone empathizing or sympathizing with the subject.

What I learned about the song was that it came out in 1996 and was (as I expected) by a Canadian band called Bass is Base. Two guys and a woman out of Toronto. This is an example of a song in which, as soon as I heard it, thanks to my synesthetic perceptions meshing together, I expected it to be 90s and Canadian (to me, the song sounds somewhat similar to 'Love Song' by fellow 90s Canadian band Sky.

That does give me a somewhat similar blue colour.

Anyway, if I were to grade 'I Cry' as a review, I'd give it a B+ on both counts. I like the imagery it gives me. Maybe I should go on a 90s Canadian music discovery or something, considering I've covered the 80s in Canadian music, and here I am finding some good nostalgic gems from the 90s that are Canadian as well. More to add to that list, of course.

Bring on the pale blue. I do enjoy perceiving all of it.

Red Cloud

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