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B Major/Minor

Well, this is the last (seventh) white key note, the last note in the C major scale, before I start on the sharps/flats. This is the note/chord I have quite a crush on.

If you read what I have below about major/minor differences on the previous posts, go ahead and skip this - it's just for newcomers reading this.

A note on major/minor:
There is an obvious difference between a major and a minor. Wikipedia naturally describes a minor chord has differing "from a major chord in having a minor third above the root instead of a major third." In other words, the third key from the first on a keyboard (not in the chord or scale) would simply be moved a key to the left. In C major, the notes are C-E-G. E is three keys from C; move one key to the left and you're now on E flat or D sharp. Hence C minor. The "minor third" just means the third note in a minor scale.
Ear-wise, the difference is also obvious because minor chords sound darker and moody and tentative while major chords are bright and happy and powerful in contrast. If you've heard any sad songs, they're likely built around a minor scale progression and use minor chords. 'Not Home Today' uses mostly minor chords (E minor and B minor) and is a song about an unfortunate circumstance, with a doom-filled ending. 'Around the Bend' uses largely major chords and is a happy song about friendship and good times. Of course, not all songs operate this way - 'I'm Sorry' by The Payolas has bright chords yet talks about a sellout musician. 'Alive' by Pearl Jam has what people have referred to as an anthemic sound, with great strong major guitar chords and progressions, yet it's about a man who discovers his father died long ago and his mother is virtually attracted to him thanks to his resemblance to his father.


The thing about inversions - where the root note is not the lowest or first note played in the chord - is that it's all the same for every chord major or minor: It's either darker or brighter, in terms of colour as well as personality (though slightly, and it's perhaps more on the main personalities' view or opinion or feeling on something).


Colour: Pale aqua with hints of white and green
Light: From behind, gentle
Spatial Direction: Southeast
Gender: Feminine

B major is listed as "The Artist" in The Signature series. To me, she's the gentle, quiet but bright one. A major was the girl-next-door in its episode, but for me B major fits that image perfectly. She's introverted but friendly, quiet but open and exciting with her closest friends, etc. She's not necessarily "looking for something better," as she is looking for someone suitable and matching. She doesn't have high or impossible standards like the A major in its episode. To me, she's beautiful, open-minded, and contemplative. She's also considerate and very accepting, but again, also introverted and not immediately open to people, similar to A major. She's like D major without the knowing everyone aspect, and could be D major's sidekick or best friend. I don't really know anyone who fits this personality other than the girl I've most associated that note with over the past year thanks to that 'Year of the Cat' song (which made me realize all the other instances she'd popped up when an instrument played that note/chord in previous songs). That's not totally right or true, though, because what my mind has made up of her personality makes up for more of what I see than what I remember in person that was good or obvious. So, no one. For songs, 'Can't Get There From Here' by R.E.M. uses a main guitar riff in the verses based on B major and E major. 'Rasputin' by Boney M. relies on B major throughout the entire song, exemplified obviously in the strings almost constantly. B major is the dominant note in E major, so songs will often go from E major to B major (such as the chorus of 'Rio' by Duran Duran). 'Cosmetics' by Gowan uses a main keyboard riff, during the verses, that goes B major - C# major. B major is sustained quite a bit. The phrase 'girl next door' is used in the song as well.


Colour: Brown
Light: Dim, more colour
Spatial Direction: East
Gender: Feminine

The Signature Series uses only a couple of pop songs in only a couple of their episodes, the B minor one being an example. It's the "Dark Romantic" and I listened to it second after G minor. My interest in it was such that I couldn't go through each episode chronologically. The song used is 'Hotel California' by The Eagles, which starts on B minor immediately, in the intro.

B minor is the chord I have the biggest crush on. It's so romantically vulnerable. Aside from the CBC production, I've read on Wikipedia that it has a negative view from composers over the centuries. It's seen as 'submissive,' taking events or situations, good or particularly bad, without complaint. I asked my co-worker Brian what he thought of when he heard the chord, and he said the same thing - submissiveness.

I don't see it as submissive, but I do see it as brooding, pessimistic, and fatalistic. She can be hurt without too much effort. On the other hand, she is the most endearing, truthful, caring person of all. She has nurturing instincts similar to A major's. She's not socially out there, and her personality isn't something people will get close to easily, but when she does open up, that care is obvious. She has a pale, unmarked, smooth face which is generally round, and very dark hair. Green eyes. I see my type in girls in this chord, as well as my paternal aunt - who as a teen actually facially fit this type (probably where I got it from). But I get what I think of her personality as well, which isn't so extreme, but can be pessimistic or negative. And considering she looks and sounds virtually identical to my grandmother, she too can fit this chord. Not many pop songs probably use this chord, other than 'Hotel California' obviously. The main verse of 'World Leader Pretend' by R.E.M. alternates between E minor and B minor. I realize I tend to be using the same song titles over and over because when I look at my big list for reference, I find that I don't know the instrumentation for a lot more songs than I thought I did.

Ending this first round, B major/minor is definitely a chord I'd want to date and be with. They're both appealing to me extremely, and minor is just so beautiful and amazing. I just want to make her feel perfect. It's my natural inclination as an A major chord.

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