Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Aqua Red Cloud

It was around June of 2009 that I changed the look of this blog to what it was recently. That's like, five years ago now. I had to update the page at some point.

But it's gone further than that. I actually changed the name - "The Red Cloud" - and the description. I even added an image. I went as far as to even change the profile image icon too. That image was taken during the summer of - well, five years ago. I don't really look like that anymore. My hair is salt and peppery. I have age lines. My smile has become grander and warmer.

Actually, nah. I look almost exactly the same save for the fuller beard. My hair is still a dark, dark brown.

I went as far as to change the overall name of this blog because while I am an Ottawan, I don't necessarily fulfill the characteristics of every single person in this region. I'm not a typical person from this city. I don't work in government and never will. I'm not in the high-tech sector. I'm a young man with Asperger's Syndrome working at Wal-Mart while finishing an old college diploma part-time. So my nickname, thanks to my father's social group (my surrogate uncles) will take the full reign from now on. Or at least for another five years.

I'm sure it will be a surprise for those long-term readers (again, as in people having hung around for the past five years) to see "The Red Cloud" instead of "The Ottawan." It's such a major overhaul. But I'm not this city. I just live here, and enjoy the familiarity of it.

The aqua font colour might not make much sense considering the 'red' in the title, but it went with the template, and I actually kind of like it. I don't much care for the borders images have in the post space, as it look amateur to me, but that's all right. It doesn't have to be perfect.

I hope the change rather re-invigorates this page and makes it look fresh again. My readership really seems to come from Ottawa (no duh) as well as Calgary and Toronto, at least in terms of frequency over all the other random places in Canada, the States, and worldwide. In Calgary it's one of my surrogate uncles. Hey James, like it? I have no idea who in Toronto could possibly find this good or bad, considering everyone I know there, I don't know anymore, from photography classmates to a girl who made my summers awkward at work. But either way, I'm looking forward to having it this way.

I had an all right birthday by the way. I skipped work and played cards at my maternal grandparents.' I still have a few occasions with the paternal side coming. Yesterday I checked out the Ottawa Independent Writer's group. It was hugely disappointing from the social aspect (the main reason I went). The entire room consisted of geriatrics. No kidding.

Red Cloud

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