Monday, February 27, 2012

Lyrical Spread

This is what I've done in the many weeks since I've posted on here.

Not much, eh?

Any kind of holiday is very boring for me; I don't really do anything. So, to stay very mildly productive, I created a poster containing lyrics from virtually every Madness song save a few.

Lyrics from every single except 'Sweetest Girl' are on there, and just about every album track and most B-sides. I think the album from which I chose the least lyrics were from the Mad Not Mad album, although I did use songs from every album up to their last - not including The Dangermen Sessions, which to me is rather an album of covers, none of which was produced by the band themselves. The only song in that entire poster that's not an original Madness song is 'It Must be Love.'

In choosing which lyrics from a song to include, I usually avoided the chorus because it was either too obvious, or the song was essentially summed up in just the chorus; I didn't want to put in something that everyone knows because, chances are, that's all everyone knows. 'Our House' is a good example: Everyone just remembers or knows the chorus.

I did, however, include a few choruses because they are largely iconic or well-known to Madness fans - things like 'My Girl's Mad at Me' or 'Hey you! Don't watch that, watch this!' which opens the song 'One Step Beyond...'

This kind of thing perfectly illustrates the versatility and wide-ranging view of the band: the content in that poster covers such a wide range of topics, from animal testing to the troubles in northern Ireland; you have commentary on the prospects of immigrants to Britain in the 1950s as well as the Falklands Islands conflict; you can find the cocky satire of England's National Health service as well as the airy description of a Sunday morning, or the cunning lyric focusing on child abuse and domestic violence.

I'd like to somehow get the band to see this...I think they'd like it and might want to produce it somehow, either as a poster or maybe a T-shirt. The lyrics I chose really describe their songs' message very well. And this really puts it out there that Madness were not just a simple little party-oriented, nutty-sounding, kid's clown fair type outfit that some have dismissed them to be; they know what they're talking about and they pull it off well - whether it's about marriage promises, being optimistically jaunty in wet weather, attempting to purchase condoms on one's 16th birthday, or just simply enjoying driving one's car.

Justin C.