Thursday, September 1, 2011

"Hold me Now"

I heard this properly just minutes ago.

There's a few songs that Wal-Mart pipes in that I actually find a good liking to. Usually you wouldn't find people fawning over music being piped into a large store, but as I work there I have to listen to it every day, and frankly, it is a hundred times better than what my co-workers play on their loud iPods.

Besides, most of the music that's piped in are songs I remember or know for once, and do like.

In this case I didn't know this song but I liked it right away. It sounded like it was from the 80s, which is probably what interested me at first (there is a certain sound songs from that decade have, like a fashion or quality, that easily discerns it from other songs from other times). I'd heard it a few times but I couldn't for the life of me hear the lyrics enough to use them to do a search online.

Tonight I finally did.

While dealing with food over-stock, and delighting in the music, almost dancing with the shopping cart of left over over-stock, I finally heard the lyrics of the chorus, and typed them into YouTube to see what I would get.

It has this sound to it...very gentle and easy and lovely. I've heard of the Thompson Twins before but I'd never really listened to them. I find a lot of blue in it. Doing my research, I found out it had a xylophone in it as well as other similar sounds and qualities.

I like the singer's voice, I like the full sound of the start of the chorus, and I like the lyrics. I make me think of myself a well as what I've been through in a way, in the past.

It seems to be about someone trying really hard to repair a broken relationship.

I like how the singer uses gentle words and the music is easy-going. Instead of sounding 'macho' like most men these days (I think) the words bring out the singer's vulnerability and sensitiveness.

The song was done in the key of D major. That no doubt sealed the deal for my liking it...any song in that key attracts me. That's the perfect girl for me in synesthetic emotional mind-terms for me. I think of very lovely evenings with the one you ultimately love, in a place you ultimately feel safe, belong in. The entire song paints that for me.

I also see dawn, or the dull light right before it. Lots of pale blue, in different shades of it.

The high-pitched voice in the background of the final choruses is a great touch to it, adds color and spice and a slight humor to it (at least I find).

I really like this. I'm not particularly writing a review in the usual format or way I write it because I've only just heard it and I'm writing this on the spur of the moment to get it out there, but I'm going to give it an A.

As for the music video, I haven't really had the time to look at it yet. Again, I've only just heard it...and I read it took place with a blue background behind the band and such, ect.

"Hold me now
Warm my heart
Stay with me..."

Justin C.

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