Tuesday, August 16, 2011

75 Songs

Today, I watched and typed down every song, its artist, album and release date, from that videotape of them I've mentioned on here a few times before. I knew it was a big task since I've always decided it was around eight hours long and there were over a hundred music videos on it.

My estimations were grossly inaccurate.

To give a brief explanation of what I'm talking about in case no one has read any of my prior mentions, I'm referring to an old videotape my mother used to record music videos as well as interviews and concerts off of the TV. Back in the day it was something that was done often.

I remember watching it with my mother as a younger child. Around that time, 1997-98, she'd recorded a few songs I'd liked myself on there, including 'Where's the Love' by Hanson and a fun music video by Backstreet Boys called 'Everybody (Backstreet's Back).' I think some of the music on the tape had a small hand in influencing my musical tastes because it was played often when I was younger, exposing me to pop music, sometimes obscure but mostly mainstream, from the late 80s and early 90s.

Today I spent about four hours fast-forwarding every music video on there, only pausing it at the beginning to take down the name of the song, artist, album and year. Sometimes I wouldn't fast-forward and just watch the ones I liked. Originally I thought it would take absolutely forever, all day. In a way, it did, but to my big surprise as I got to the end, I finished it at seventy-five songs. Or music videos.

Had I not fast-forwarded it, but also not paused it, and had there not been any interview segments between videos or repeats of one video (sometimes a song repeats twice or even more), the tape would actually probably only be about three hours long. There are some parts of the tape that are devoted to a part of an episode of Spotlight, an old series MuchMusic used to air, so several songs by one artist or band, plus interview segments, would go by. Spotlight episodes of Mariah Carey, Crowded House, Barenaked Ladies, Genesis, and Whitney Houston feature.

  • Love Takes Time - Mariah Carey, Mariah Carey (1990) [Part of MuchMusic Spotlight episode on Mariah Carey] 

  • I Don't Wanna Cry - Mariah Carey, Mariah Carey (1990) [Part of MuchMusic Spotlight episode on Mariah Carey]

  • Emotions - Mariah Carey, Emotions (1991) [Part of MuchMusic Spotlight episode on Mariah Carey]

  • Dreamlover - Mariah Carey, Music Box (1993) [Part of MuchMusic Spotlight episode on Mariah Carey]

  • Possession - Sarah McLachlan, Fumbling Towards Ecstasy (1993)

  • Trust Yourself - Blue Rodeo, Casino (1990)

  • The Color of My Love Concert, Celine Dion, Quebec City, Recorded 1993, Released 1995. 'Mislead' and other unnamed songs.

  • Don't Dream it's Over - Crowded House, Crowded House (1986) [Part of a MuchMusic Spotlightepisode on Crowded House]

  • Something So Strong - Crowded House, Crowded House (1986) [Part of a MuchMusic Spotlight episode on Crowded House]

  • Into Temptation - Crowded House, Temple of Low Men (1988) [Part of a MuchMusic Spotlight episode on Crowded House]

  • It's only Natural - Crowded House, Woodface (1991) [Part of a MuchMusic Spotlight episode on Crowded House]

  • Distant Sun - Crowded House, Together Alone (1993) [Part of a MuchMusic Spotlight episode on Crowded House]

  • It's Alright (Baby's Coming Back) - Eurythmics, Be Yourself Tonight (1985)

  • Why - Annie Lennox, Diva (1992)

  • Whatta Man - Salt-N-Peppa & En Vogue, Very Necessary (1993) [Repeats x3, once more later on the tape]

  • (If There Was) Any Other Way - Celine Dion, Unison (1990)

  • Where Does My Heart Beat Now - Celine Dion, Unison (1990)

  • All We Are - Kim Mitchell, Akimbo Alogo (1984)

  • Rocklandwonderland - Kim Mitchell, Rockland (1989)

  • Higher Love - Steve Winwood, Back in the Highlife (1986)

  • Here Comes A Man - TRAFFIC, Far From Home (1994)

  • Make You A Believer - Sass Jordan, Racine (1992)

  • You Don't Have to Remind Me - Sass Jordan, Racine (1992)

  • Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover - Sophie B. Hawkins, Tongues and Tails (1992)

  • Don't Mean Nothing - Richard Marx, Richard Marx (1987)

  • Into the Great Wide Open - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Into the Great Wide Open(1991)

  • Under the Bridge - Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Blood Sugar Sex Magik (1992)

  • Soul to Squeeze - Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Coneheads soundtrack (1993)

  • Here I am - Lyle Lovett, Lyle Lovett and his Very Large Band (1988)

  • She's No Lady - Lyle Lovett, Pontiac (1987)

  • Love Shack - The B-52s, Cosmic Thing (1989)

  • Blues Before and After - The Smithereens, Smithereens 11 (1989)

  • Blood and Roses - The Smithereens, Especially For You (1986)

  • Only a Memory - The Smithereens, Green Thoughts (1988)

  • People Everyday - Arrested Development, 3 Years, 5 Months, & 2 Days in the Life of... (1992) (Repeats x2)

  • Moonlight Desires - Gowan, Great Dirty World (1987)

  • All the Lovers in the World - Gowan, Lost Brotherhood (1990)

  • When There's Time (For Love) - Gowan, But You Can Call Me Larry (1993)

  • Here Comes a Man TRAFFIC repeat x2

  • Enid - Barenaked Ladies, Gordon (1992) [Part of a MuchMusic Spotlight episode on Barenaked Ladies]

  • Lovers in a Dangerous Time - Barenaked Ladies, Kick at the Darkness (Bruce Cockburn tribute album) (1991) [Part of a MuchMusic Spotlight episode on Barenaked Ladies]

  • If I had 1,000,000 - Barenaked Ladies, Gordon (1992) [live performance] [Part of a MuchMusic Spotlight episode on Barenaked Ladies]

  • Brian Wilson - Barenaked Ladies, Gordon (1992) [Part of a MuchMusic Spotlight episode on Barenaked Ladies]

  • No One Else on Earth - Wynnona, Wynnona (1992)

  • Mama - Genesis, Genesis (1983) [Part of a MuchMusic Spotlight episode on Genesis]

  • In Too Deep - Genesis, Invisible Touch (1986) [Part of a MuchMusic Spotlight episode on Genesis]

  • I Can't Dance - Genesis, We Can't Dance (1991) [Part of a MuchMusic Spotlight episode on Genesis]

  • Man on the Corner - Genesis, Abacab (1981) [Part of a MuchMusic Spotlight episode on Genesis]

  • Illegal Alien - Genesis, Genesis (1983) [Part of a MuchMusic Spotlight episode on Genesis]

  • Land of Confusion - Genesis, Invisible Touch (1986) [Part of a MuchMusic Spotlight episode on Genesis]

  • No Son of Mine - Genesis, We Can't Dance (1991) [Part of a MuchMusic Spotlight episode on Genesis]

  • 7 Seconds - Youssou N'Dour & Neneh Cherry, The Guide (Wommat) & Man (1994)

  • You Give Good Love - Whitney Houston, Whitney Houston (1985) [Part of a MuchMusicSpotlight episode on Whitney Houston]

  • I'm Your Baby Tonight - Whitney Houston, I'm Your Baby Tonight (1990) [Part of a MuchMusic Spotlight episode on Whitney Houston]

  • I Will Always Love You - Whitney Houstin, The Bodyguard soundtrack (1992) [Part of a MuchMusic Spotlight episode on Whitney Houston]

  • Into the Fire - Sarah McLachlan, Solace (1991)

  • Possession [Different Version] - Sarah McLachlan, Fumbling Towards Ecstasy (1993)

  • I Got You - Split Enz, True Colors (1980)

  • One Step Ahead - Split Enz, Waiata (1981)

  • Message to My Girl - Split Enz, Conflicting Emotions (1984) [Repeats x2]

  • Somewhere Down the Crazy River - Robbie Robertson, Robbie Robertson (1987)

  • Baby, Baby, Baby - TLC, Ooooooohhh on the TLC Tip (1992)

  • Creep - TLC, Crazy Sexy Cool (1994)

  • I Wanna Be Down - Brandy, Brandy (1994)

  • Baby - Brandy, Brandy (1995)

  • Red Light Special - TLC, Crazy Sexy Cool (1995)

  • Charms - Philosopher Kings, The Philosopher Kings (1996)

  • Living in a Dream - Arc Angels, Arc Angels (1992)

  • Do you Know (What it Takes) - Robyn, Robyn is Here (1997)

  • Where's the Love - Hanson, Middle of Nowhere (1997)

  • D'You Know What I Mean? - Oasis, Be Here Now (1997)

  • Everybody (Backstreet's Back) - Backstreet Boys, Backstreet's Back (1997)

  • Building a Mystery - Sarah McLachlan, Surfacing (1997)

  • Bad Girl - Madonna, Erotica (1992)

  • Secret - Madonna, Bedtime Stories (1994)

  • Since I have now gotten everything listed, I can now break it down into interesting bits of information.

    1980 - 1 song
    1981 - 2 songs
    1983 - 3 songs
    1984 - 2 songs
    1985 - 2 songs
    1986 - 6 songs
    1987 - 3 songs
    1988 - 3 songs
    1989 - 3 songs
    1990 - 7 songs
    1991 - 6 songs
    1992 - 14 songs
    1993 - 7 songs
    1994 - 5 songs
    1995 - 2 songs
    1996 - 1 song
    1997 - 5 songs

    It's interesting to sort of find the average year the videos were from. 1992 wins in this regard. In terms of artist, it appears Genesis has the most videos.

    I probably over-estimated the time of the tape due to the fact that one music video seems hours away from another music video only three or four videos later. When I look at that and see 'Message to My Girl' and then look at 'Creep' only two videos away, I could not see how close that is when I think of the time it felt like for me to get from one to the other. What probably makes it seem so long like that is due to the change in atmosphere; one musical video has an extremely different taste, atmosphere, setting, and sound from another one, and when you've changed these different factors a few times, factors that often have a huge contrast with one another between videos, it seems like you've come a long way.

    It's a good tape. It's like a playlist. In this day and age it might as well be a playlist on your iPod that you listen to on your way to work or school. It probably wouldn't seem nearly as long for one thing. But back in the old days, with videotapes and well-done, creative, illustrative music videos recorded on them, there's a real atmosphere and aesthetic to it. I like it; I probably like it more than what you hear on mp3s and iPods today (in terms of sound quality and how it's interpreted). I'd probably go for the old tapes over the 'official, original' versions of the music videos offered on VEVO on YouTube - those sound too clear and perfect and new, refined and remastered.
    Plus the ads are quite annoying.

    If you find any song in the list that you remember or like, I'm pretty sure they're on YouTube, 'perfect' and 'remastered.' But you can't beat the aesthetic of atmosphere and the old sound quality of that tape. On there, they sound original.
    That's always the best in my opinion.

    Justin C.

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