Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Old-Fashioned Writing 2: April Edition

The following was written in my notebook during lunch today:
Once again, I am sitting here in the bright sun at a table located within the large, bright room within the building in near Hintonburg, probably Mechanicsville.

It is April 12th, 2011. Things are certainly different from what they were like in January. Back then I was more clueless, lost, empty and insecure.

Brent, still a friend, has wandered off to Subway as well as that √Čtoile character. I am alone at my table. A girl named Tiffany sits at a table to my right and adults (3 of them) occupy  the table in front of me, to my north.
The Other Justin is no longer around.
The Habon woman has stomach issues.
My new HD camcorder sits on the ledge, time-lapsing the scene.
Currently, I am set to begin the photography program in September. I was conditionally accepted by the program coordinator himself based on his observance of my strong passion and aptitude for the art. Originally, I was to take a math assessment. I have a math tutor. Now, though, it seems like I have simply been accepted on the basis of sheer enthusiasm.

I arrived at the motivation to apply to that program through extra effort on my part in figuring out what I definitely want to do with my life. I studied a book I'd found. I'd eagerly participated in the self-learning and interest portion of this program. I thought a lot. Now I'm on a course with things. Photography program at Algonquin. Then maybe screenwriting or Broadcast - TV. Or I could be just content with photography. Who knows? But the future-planning aspect is dealt with. And it took a lot of proactive planning and activity on my part.

As for the job aspect, I am currently doing a co-op at Blockbuster. It's okay. Only 4-1/2 hours, really.
As for my physical surroundings, the adults and Tiffany have left the room. A young woman took the adult's table. My camcorder is still time-lapsing.

My plans and dreams for the rest of the spring and summer are to have a part-time job and have as much fun as possible. I might get back into kayaking. For some reason, there are a tonne of old CRT television sets sitting behind me. Some with old VCRs.
Right now, the cafeteria is deserted.
Well, there isn't that much else to say, and it is now quarter to 1pm. Things are in much better shape than before.
It's good.
The reason I wrote this was because I felt that an update to the original was in order; a lot of things have happened and a lot of them are pretty good.

As for what I reveal within that prose - that I have been accepted to the photography program on 'sheer enthusiasm,' that part is definitely true. I've somehow managed to squeak through some very discouraging barriers in life thus far, and this is one of them. It came out of my meeting with the coordinator himself, as well as a variety of other people at Algonquin, last Thursday. I feel like, having been discouraged from a band of vocal artists, I simply came right back and sang my way into it and guaranteed my way in with my sheer effort and brilliant melodies/tones that proved my proficiency.

I also wrote that because of the difference between the two: Originally I didn't know what I was doing or where I was going, and I was fresh from the very end of a complete relationship (the end of which happened only one night before I wrote it). Now I have a plan, a future education for a potential career, and I'm just now striving for a part-time job. My original goals were to 'figure out what I want to do, get the education for that, and get a job.' That's half-done. Now for the job part.
I have a co-op at a Blockbuster downtown, though that's all I'll say on that.

I wrote it, also, once more, for this final reason: There is a distinct difference in style of writing when you do it by hand than when you do it by keyboard. Keyboard, you can put your ideas down fast and in a straightforward manner (unless you don't know how to type). By hand, though, it's more manual labor, and it's easier to write down what you really intend to write than to just type a fleeting idea up. You don't want to have a lot of erasing or crossing out in your handwriting, much more work, so you think more and it comes out in a different style guided by exactly how you want to put it. When you type, if you make a mistake that magical vertical line can delete it in a microsecond. It's easier and so ideas and thoughts come flying out and you say a lot more than you would normally say.
Like what I did in that above paragraph just there.

There's a distinct style to it, and it's favorable. You can see the difference between the prose in italic and the normal writing beneath it - it's more thought-out. Plus, when you write on paper you may feel more creative. I know that's how I feel.

I'm sure it would be quite interesting to compare the two together and see how it appears. I say this for both the italicized prose and the normal prose - and the two different handwritten journal entries (original was done on January 10th).

I might just do a third in the next few months. It's fun and exercises the mind.

"My camcorder is still time-lapsing" -it's in HD.

Justin C.

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