Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Uncertain Bass, and Happy, Noticing Keyboard

Weird title or what? But I had to do this one more thing before I go to bed. My iced tea is almost finished; I have until that empties to write this.

There's a part in the Devo song 'Whip it.' It's not a song I particularly have a fondness for, first hearing it in a cleaning commercial and even prior to that knowing of the general sound of it.

There's a part about 1:26 minutes onward into the song where the bass goes E-E-G-A-D, like normal, but then suddenly, A-A-G-F#-E. Right as the bass hits the E note again, a high keyboard 'E' sounds. It's bright and fun.

That's my favorite part. Originally hearing it at the end of the aforementioned commercial, I remember I was in middle school at the time and had a crush on a girl I'd known and befriended to an extent in grade 7 (I was currently then in grade 8). When I heard that, I saw this:

I'm coming out of blackness, on my bike, into a late morning scene. I notice this girl, who is at a short distance away and is smiling. As I notice her, I decide, oh, she might see me looking at her, I better back away...

The bass does the first part, which is me coming out and looking with interest. The bass doing the A-G-F#-E is me, uncertain, backing away hoping she might not see me as I'm shy.

The keyboard plays the E, and that's when she notices me and smiles at me in a welcoming, happy manner. 'Oh, there's Justin! Hi!'

Synesthetically, there's a lot of green and black, and a reddish pink for the keyboard (that E note basically).

I've likened the whole experience I envisaged to the day I asked a later girl out - I came down to the basement at school, saw her, and my courage faded and I felt like backing away, seeing my friend Duncan first. I come down with purpose and interest - E-E-G-A-D! - then shrink back, away, in uncertainty - A-A-G-F#-E... - then she says 'hi,' like she did, brightly and with an air of interest, and there's the 'E!' of the keyboard. The 'hi' actually somehow regained my courage quite a bit and I went right ahead then and there.

If you're interested in actually hearing what I'm talking about, here's the video here. Again, I could not embed it here. Stupid disabled videos...it's at about 1:26 minutes in.

It really can be interesting how such a small bit of music can produce such a big picture and storyline and imagery...just look at everything I've written on here about the Madness song 'In the City.'
I love synesthesia. That and a few other things.

Justin C.

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