Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tall Guy

After a long time, I finally watched The Tall Guy today.

It's a very simple movie I'd heard about after reading the Wikipedia entry on Suggs. Jeff Goldblum and Emma Thompson star in this 1989 film about an actor who falls in love with a nurse.

The plot is simple and something everyone's heard of: an actor (Goldblum) who's the straight man in a comedy act dominated by a very belligerent leading man (Rowan Atkinson) has chronic hay fever, goes to see a nurse (Thompson), falls in love with her, and they start a relationship. He is fired by Atkinson's character shortly thereafter, and wins the lead in a show called 'Elephant!' based on the Elephant Man. Unfortunately, he falls for the advances of one of the other actresses in the play (Kim Thomson) and his nurse girlfriend leaves him after a few subtle clues. In the end, he impulsively leaves his show right before the curtain opens, steals Atkinson's car and sees his ex to give him another chance, which she does.

Probably a better-written and more simple outline would be the Wikipedia article on it.

What I find funny in similarity with the character in this film and myself is how he hates Atkinson's character, Ron Anderson, because Ron gets a lot more attention, is more successful, and every time he turns his TV on, there he is in some sort of promo ad or awards dinner. What makes him abandon his role in the show at the last minute is his viewing of Anderson getting an award on TV, and then kissing his ex girlfriend after receiving it. Where do I see myself? I hate a particular Canadian city west of where I live because it seemingly gets way more attention, seems more successful, and, like Anderson kissing Goldblum's character's ex girlfriend, that city attracts my loved ones away from me.
Goldblum's character, Dexter King, groans exactly like I do every time I see some aspect of the city, or the city itself, on television or in the news or mentioned just about everywhere. I laughed out loud at his reactions because they were my reactions.

It was interesting to see a much younger Emma Thompson...she looked a lot more fresh-looking. Goldblum didn't really look any different than he does an any other movie I've seen him in, none of which were from this past decade. I was under the false idea that the movie was directed by Mel Brooks, but actually it was directed by Mel Smith. I guess I can separate them further apart by saying Smith is British and Brooks is American.
Typical scene of the movie - some naked guy, Goldblum as King, and his 'nymphomaniac' landlady.

I will admit, yes, that it was an aspect of Madness that interested me in this movie. Reading the Wikipedia article on Suggs, I read 'Suggs has acted in films such as The Tall Guy...' and then it further interested me when I saw that it starred Jeff Goldblum and Emma Thompson. Suggs has a cameo appearance singing 'It Must be Love' and a montage of the actors in the film also sing parts of the song.

I think it's a pretty good movie, and really shows the reality of things, although I do find that the plot line is so over used in too many movies. Guy falls in love, but then has an affair, loses his girlfriend but tries to get her back and succeeds. That's what I meant before I described the plot above when I said it was 'simple.' There was a lot of funny scenes in it that had me laughing (and I don't laugh at normal humor). He asks Thompson's character's name, she says 'Kate,' points out it's not great, and he says, 'no, it's great. It could be worse, it could be Hitler, or tampon...' the tampon joke is used several times throughout the film.

The only thing that was crazy was the scene in which they properly see each other the first time - which consists of meeting in Kate's apartment and destroying it while having sex. Geez. It's their first date and it's the most physical first date I've ever seen on screen. Don't worry, you don't see any extremely revealing stuff...the most nudity that's shown are their buttocks and breasts (as perfectly illustrated above). I never thought I'd see Emma Thompson topless, or Jeff Goldblum's rear end, but now I have. The room looks like something blew up in it afterwards.

It's available to watch on YouTube in ten parts. To my surprise, certain people like Jason Isaacs and Jonathan Ross appear briefly in the movie. It was the first movie Isaacs was in (he portrays Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter series) and he was credited as 'Doctor #2.' As for Ross, I mention him because he pops up everywhere I look at things. I first saw his show on TV a few times, then I kept running into him on Wikipedia, and now he's in this darn movie. He's a British television presenter and comedian.

It was a pretty cool movie, and I'd give it a B+ (I give a lot of those). Atkinson's portrayal was fun as well, he used a lot of odd words in his statements.

Justin C.

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