Monday, November 22, 2010

"I'm into Something Good"

I was standing in a bookstore here in Barrhaven reading excerpts from novels when a really nice, pleasurable, intriguing, pleasant, excited and warm chorus played.

Normally I have very little interest in the music that Indigo plays. Often, I've actually found it annoying, and not because I'm trying to read, because just hearing it sounds annoying. Their music selection usually consists of jazz, crooners, and easy listening, which I have nothing against and don't mind, it's some of the particular songs they've put on in the past that just claw at my ears. It's not easy listening for me.

But this was different. A female voice was saying, kind of pleasantly and with an air of delight and excited happiness and expectation, "something tells me I'm into something good."

I kind of felt like the singer right then.

The song, 'I'm into something Good,' was written in the early 1960s by Carol King and Gerry Goffin. It was popularized by the band Herman's Hermits, who recorded and and released the song themselves in 1964. It had been covered a few times since, the version I was listening to being sung and played by an outfit calling themselves 'The Bird and the Bee.'

For some reason it sounded like something I'd heard before, in my childhood, and it was one of those passing childhood memories for sound that was being brought out of the depths of my memory. The only inconsistency was that I'd felt that I'd heard this cover version from my childhood, this female voice, when in reality that outfit only released this cover version in March of this year. And I was 18 in March 2010, not six.

This morning I looked it up on YouTube and listened to it properly. It's a very easy, slow song sung from a girl's point of view (the female singer reverses that dynamic as it was originally sung by a male band, from a boy's point of view) of having a crush on someone (something I'd already guessed at from the chorus). This girl sees this other boy, immediately has an attraction and infatuation with him, and to her delight he notices her himself and reciprocates those feelings. They dance together, walk home hand in hand, and it ends with the boy asking if he can see her again soon. She then reflects, happily, that she's "into something good."

What I notice with this is that it explores and talks about the very beginning of a relationship, but doesn't go further than the first date, or dance. The song ends at the very beginning of the beginning of a love, just at the beginning, letting the singer and listener think about the bright future and see that they're into something good. Sort of like withholding the good climax, only letting listeners whet their appetites, have them thinking brightly of the beginning of something sweet and wonderful, but not experiencing it, keeping the magical, blissful, and romantic suspense.
That is really appealing to me.

The chorus itself, although very simple, has the elements - the giddiness, the hopefulness, the happiness and the expectation. It's practically magical. We've got a good and bright future ahead.

What is also appealing to me is that the voice itself sounds exactly to me like how the Nora character, from the novel Watchers, would sound. Like that's Nora singing the song. I envision a face to a voice I hear, and when I hear that voice I see what I think Nora would look like in the novel. She looks exactly like the person I'd fall in love with myself, so it transitions to the singer in the song. Neck-length, straight black hair, black or brown eyes, slightly pointed chin, etc.

It's just a really positive and happy, bright song. It starts nice and pleasant and just gets better.
It also makes me think of someone's known infatuation with me in grade 12, except unlike in the song, I was shy and didn't do anything until May. But it's not a damper on things, it just contributes a happy memory to the already great and wonderful sound and sights and colors and girl I already evoke out of it (the girl being Nora).

The video was made by the uploader who just put an image of hate in it, which is a bad contrast in my opinion, but it then transitions to a chat that just goes 'I love you very much.' Why it's a chat, I don't know, but it's annoying.

I just wish I were into something good myself. I really wish I were. Maybe, hopefully, I will in the future.

Update: It turns out I did hear this in my childhood - the Herman's Hermits original - when I saw The Brave Little Toaster as a child. Listening to the original by the Hermits, I can vaguely remember the song from that movie.

Justin C.

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