Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday Morning

Yes, it's a Madness song, however I am not really doing a review on it since I am kind of slightly living the song itself, without the house party but the effects.

A little while ago, I was invited to this little gig in the market through that Facebook site. It's not usual for me to be invited like that, as I never had many friends and for people who knew me by sight and generally, for them to invite me to something they're doing is a very nice thing of them.

Finally being of age, but more importantly not having another family matter to attend to (like my two-week-long babysitting) I did manage to go.

By the way, it's probably a good thing I decided to write this today. The title fits and well, I'm a bit better.

The stage was quite diminutive, but all the bands had no trouble fitting on it. I couldn't believe any of the drummers - I'm one myself, but I never drum that kind of style or that fast. Being primarily a Madness drummer I don't usually flourish with fancy fills in my repertoire. When I came in a guy on keyboards calling himself 'Fillet Sterling' was playing, and he wasn't bad. I thanked Kevin, the man who invited me, for, well, inviting me. Another act called Audiocassette Tape then filled in.

Really, for me it was nice to see people I knew for once. Prior, I was spending the day on my father's street because they had a fair going on, and I was surrounded by people like my dad's neighbors. I knew them, yes, but not from high school. I saw one of them when he was planting his garden, and that's how I knew him. Boring.

No, it was all people who were strictly my age or a bit older. People I knew in grade 12 and who graduated with me. I recognized a girl I knew on the swim team two years ago

By the time the band we all had been waiting for - the one that had people we knew properly, with Kevin on keyboards - I'd respectively had one drink (my father's last words were 'buy yourself a beer') and I wanted to get one right as those guys were going on. I don't know. Just because there had to be sometime when I'd get one (everyone was carrying glasses or bottles) and because, well, those people were the hometeam, from my high school, and I wanted to support them and loosen up a bit.

Their first song really struck me as pretty good:

But what really hit me, right now, is what happened afterwards. I wandered into the back of the place, and out of nowhere a table of four invited me to pull up a seat. I didn't know any of them, but it was quite nice of them to invite me to sit with them. I have to think it was their good nature and not the alcohol. All of us engaged in a talk about things, and they were extremely impressed that I'd written a novel and did photography. Gee. When everything went crazy, it was after one of them who'd really been engaging me in conversation - I remember he was Gavin - ordered us all shots with pickles.
According to Matt, across from me, I was the only one who looked normal doing such a thing, whereas everyone else looked tearful and red. Maybe, like my paternal grandpa has been saying all along, I'm Campbell, and they can hold their liqor?

They also let me have the last full drink on the table because I was a writer. Boy. Then we left to walk around and try to get into other places (though that didn't perfectly pan out since Gavin disappeared). It climaxed on the Piece Memorial where we met so Matt could get his car (I guess he was the driver).

Throughout the entire time, I walked around with a dizziness and a giddiness in the fact I was walking with a person or people who had befriended me themselves, and without effort.

Elliot, another guy, told me at one point that happiness and dizziness are exact symptoms of drunkenness. It was a first for me. Originally I was having one drink, supporting the band, and leaving by midnight. No, I met several people from Osgoode and ended up more inebriated.

I kind of feel like a dufus right now. I'm not that kind of person. I guess doing stuff like that really bring out one's nutty side. What I'm really hopeful for, though, is that none of the stuff I did last night with any of those people was superficial and simply the result of intoxication. Not the stumbling I mean - the fact that they befriended me and took me with them. Genuinely enjoyed my company. They said it was genuine, but that could just be the alcohol speaking. I don't know. It was extremely decent and nice for Matt to drive me home (my bike is still outside the darn bar).

All I can hope for is that they keep in touch. They were really nice people. And the show was pretty great. A lot of people remarked they were glad I 'could make it.' Yeah. The last few times I was invited I wasn't 19 yet.
Anyway. I've got to get "tea and toast for breakfast, clear away the plates, wash up, prepare for walking...Sunday lunch awaits."
-'Sunday Morning.'

Justin C.

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