Monday, July 26, 2010

Those cool little boxes

I have a thing for movie posters in which there are more than one photograph of something. Not necessarily mosaics, but somewhere in between. Making them is something of a hobby for me almost, except that I can't find many occasions and subjects to make such posters of.

Sometimes they end up being mosaics, but I that's only part of it I think. Great examples are these movie posters:
Both use many pictures to illustrate either the actors involved or the sun and sky above the city buildings. It ends up looking creative and visually stimulating. I just think it's cool and fun to do these posters.
Both movies are favorites of mine, by the way.

It's not often, but sometimes I'll do my own mosaics or posters that include more than one photograph. If it were a movie poster I like the fact that each main character gets their own image in there, instead of sharing it with other people. It brings out more of their personality, I think. Having other people in the image with them tends to affect how they look in relation to the other person (say it was taken from a scene, and how they really look is masked by the surprise on their face due to something the other person in the image said).

Now and then I'll do my own version of something because the original idea was so good. I ended up doing this recreation of the portraits from the High Fidelity movie because the idea seemed so intriguing. It also meant I finally took a photograph of myself after having the incentive to take nine of them where I look proper in my opinion (the middle one). 

Now and then I'll also have the right photographs or occasion to be able to make a poster. It's rare for me to be able to come up with an idea without an occasion, but sometimes my mind will work:

(Sorry for the stupid formatting trouble I'm having, this editor really becomes useless after posting photos).

I have a set on Flickr with all the posters I've ever done, but not all of them are like the kind with the multiple photographs. What I might do now and then is create posters with a theme - it doesn't have to be a movie poster like the one on the left. I once did one detailing all the friends I'd ever had (best friends) and I did another simply on a visit to my grandparents and their pool.

Most recently I did one where it was an update to that father-son portrait thing my aunt did in 1995. The actual post on it is here.

Who knows what will come up next. I really like the idea of multiple-photo posters. Who knows, but if I do manage to publish that novel I've been writing, if in the future it is optioned and the film rights purchased (this is thinking extremely optimistically and forward here) I'd want the movie poster to have that kind of look to it, and preferably in black and white. I really like monochrome over color these days, it just seems to give the photo or poster more character to me.

Justin C.

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