Friday, March 5, 2010


I finally did it! I'm able to do it now!

What I mean is that I've finally gotten over the hurdle of creating equirectangular panoramas. This means I can properly create those planets I like to create, and I can do those fly-in bubble panoramas. What I mean there is there's this site called 360 Cities. It's a layer in Google Earth. And since there's about maybe three panoramas located in Ottawa you can "fly" into, all either of Parliament Hill or the Ottawa River or the giant spider, I thought it would be cool if I could do that, and everywhere else but Parliament Hill.

The other day I finally managed to do it, and today I became able to publish my images on the site. With that, here's an example of what I've done:

Merivale Road Rail Bridge in Canada

I took this casually on my way to see Chris on Wednesday. And this:

Strandherd Drive in Canada

Taken yesterday. It's really cool.

So far, the only thing I've been having a bit of trouble with is the stitching of either the ground right below or the sky right above. I'm getting better at it, and those troubles should go away soon. The planet versions are also pretty cool. I've posted some on Flickr.

None are in Google Earth yet, but I'm still going on with this. Expect many more. It's just really cool!

Justin C.

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