Monday, December 21, 2009

Streetview + YouTube Video

Today I made a HUGE connection:

Now, look at this:

Notice any environmental similarities?

That Streetview image was taken the exact same day that I filmed my scene for my "Video of Transitions." Which would put the image date at May 6, 2009. Seems about right.

A Streetview car drove by the same day I drove by on my bike in that parking lot.

Everything matches. I screened the video. All the cars in the parking lot are the same. The red Coca-Cola vending machine supply truck gave it away at first. Then the overcast sky. The rest of the cars in the parking lot. It all fit.
The only difference is the timing; it was evidently taken when class was in session, and so you can't see me on my bike, going by in front of the school with Fred standing near the doors, holding my camera to film the scene itself. It all matches. I can't believe it. What a coincidence! Now if that car had gone by during lunch when I was filming, it would have been perfect.

One thing that's constant, though: The person dressed in black, who I knew, stands out there all the time - enough for him to have been caught in a casual picture I took out of the bus once, and posted on Flickr.

It's quite hilarious for me to discover this. It means that if you look closely enough, you can see my bike ensconced in the bike racks with all the others (very hard to see, it's silver, near the doors). It's too bad the Google car didn't go by during lunch time. But hey, filming a scene on a location the same day that same location is caught in Google Streetview is still wholly amazingly coincidental and cool. The photo textures I used for my grand model of Merivale High School uses those images. My bike, within that image, is pasted on that model. I guess it's like a calling card, almost, because something that pertains to me is on the model. But it's not a constant calling card - it doesn't appear on all my models.

Still amazingly cool. Wow. Wow.

-Justin C.

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