Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Old Thursday Post

Something hit me this morning. I was thinking of someone, no one in particular, really, and I remembered that I'd posted this anecdote of my "awful" Thursday in May, in three parts. What hit me was "did I mention that person's name in that post?"

I ran down here and hit the 'search' on my blog (very useful). I keyed in the word 'Thursday' and looked over part one...oh! Darn it! I did! The full name was in there - in mid-sentence.

Aw! Shoot!

Well, oh well then. I'm not going back to change it. It's been there for months. The only other thing I can say here, and the main reason I'm bringing this to attention is..."in the - ci-ty!" Yes. It's been inadvertently revealed. The one 'person' I kept connecting to that darn Madness song. In that Synesthesia post. Well, that is quite annoying, because I intend on protecting identities unless they give permission. The big difference is that I wasn't talking about her in the Thursday post, I was mentioning in passing that her voice while I was annoyed. In fact I wasn't talking about her in the Synesthesia post, I was again mentioning that person came up in my brilliant thoughts during the part of the song. No identity revealed. I Just referred to her as "a girl."

I would have known now if she read this blog at all. I would have. If she had, I would have gotten a comment from her mentioning the Thursday post, and that's been up forever now. If I'd just said only her first name it would have been alright, but the full name - aw, shucks. 

Well, if anyone was always wondering who 'that girl that I thought about during In the City' was, she can (annoyingly and irritatingly) be "name-checked" in my grande, unfinished post of the Thursday in May. I now feel relieved I didn't finish posting it. There's a scene later on when I'm going upstairs and find her, and I think that she'd overheard me talking to a teacher below. Luckily that didn't get put on there.


-Justin C.

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