Friday, November 27, 2009

Coming Full Circle, I did.

One day, I was out with my friend Chris. Rather, we were at college, and we were trying to find a suitable computer.
I tutor (or tutored) him in computer apps class, and it was often difficult to find a computer other than the ones we used in class with the programs on them. We couldn't always stay in our classroom because often other classes had the room after us. So we had to find someplace else.

The problem was, there was no 'someplace else.' Someplace else that had the resources anyway. The programs we needed. Often we ended up using my laptop, which had the programs installed (I'd taken the liberty of getting those programs myself since starting that class).

On this afternoon, we tried going to several different computer labs. I was in the lead. Literally. Chris followed behind me in my wake, not straying from my exact path.
This was what I wanted to write about: The experiment I tried with this realization.
I walked down a hallway, and coming to a bend that was on a lower floor, I took the long way down the ramp instead of the two steps. Chris followed me exactly down that ramp.

So, later in the courtyard, I did the same thing, taking a path that served as a ramp and went in a wide 'U' around the stairs. Chris followed me up the long ramp instead of walking up the short stairway.

Now here came the final test: We entered the computer lab off the C building. We had resigned from looking for computers, we were just going to use my laptop in that back of the computer lab, where tables and plugs were available.

My final experiment was this: I walked through the scanner things (you know, those things you walk between whenever you leave a store, those detectors). I walked through them, then turned around and walked out the other ones, and came full circle. Chris went in through the first set after me - but, alas, he did not come full circle with me. Instead he looked at me, kind of surprised that I was suddenly behind him, and that was it.


But it would have been kind of cool, funny, if he did that with me. Like we were two mindless cartoons in a sped-up animation, speed walking around obstacles, each following (or chasing) the other, sometimes going around in mindless circles. Except it didn't work. We didn't go around in circles - only I did, and I'm pretty sure I looked odd doing it.

But it almost worked. I thought it was kind of funny and pointless that he followed the exact path I did.

Maybe next time.

-Justin C.

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