Thursday, November 19, 2009

AMAZING Time-lapse Commercial

I couldn't find it on YouTube, so I Googled it. Google is even better about it.

I don't know or remember if I mentioned this, but I found it: An old commercial I used to go crazy about because of the time-lapse effects.

It was a Playstation commercial. The first 19 seconds of it were what attracted me: It was a simple view of a house, its front yard, driveway, street, tree, etc. It opened with one of the tree's branches lying broken on the house, crushing its roof. It's a dark stormy scene, and everything looks old and worn and broken and useless. Then, suddenly, the branch, in rewind, un-crushes the house and flies back onto the tree, where a lightning bolt flashes it, as it was the reason the branch fell off - it was struck by the lightning.

Then, everything starts moving super fast, backward. The weather and sky changes between clouds and blue sky and sun and stuff, etc. The grass on the lawn changes colors every frame (0.01 seconds) and the car, which changes with the decade and time, bounces around the driveway as it's parked in different spots all the time. The old singles on the roof un-curl and become newer, and the house visably looks better very quickly. The tree in the yard visably shrinks and the leaves change color instantly. Small props, like swings, plants, toys, and a tire hanging from the tree, appear and disappear instantly. Eventually the sidewalk disappears and the road is rural, other houses are suddenly wooden skeletons and then foundations and then not anything, not constructed yet. There's a small truck from the 1930s in the driveway all of the sudden, the house is painted its original color, the curtains in the window have flashed about in different colors and types as different people lived in the house, and then the house itself becomes a frame, foundation, then nothing at all. A truck flashes around the barren landscape where the house was, as if surveying the land, and last but not least, the tree finally grows into the ground and becomes a seed. It's remarkable.

I love things like that and I'm extremely pleased to have located the video again. It's a perfect glance at what time can do and how things change over time. I find that kind of thing amazing and I've often wanted to do the same exact thing with my house or a major road like Merivale or my old high school, or whatever. How the environment changes is just plain cool. How you can glance simple things like the trends or culture that reflected the time - like the old steel red wagons kids used to pull around in the fifties or the archetecture or the old tires they used to hang from trees, etc, etc. I once saw a photo of an OC Transpo bus from the 1970s. Some of those buses are still in use today, they last long. What I liked was the advertisement on the side of the newly painted, unbattered, pristine bus - Akai Record Players. Then seeing the same thing today, old and noticeable with age, with an ad for today's music. Completely different and updated. Really cool.

The 19-second video can be seen here. As for me, I've got it favorited, bookmarked, everything. It's just truly cool. Now I'm going to look up a time-lapse ad for Lexmark copiers I saw only once during the Olympics a few years ago and vigilantly watched out for it again to try to record it on video (but it never came on again). The time-lapse was of an average open-concept office from eight am to five pm. All day. Really cool.

-Justin C.

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