Friday, October 23, 2009

"The Ottawan" On Printed Paper

Today The Ottawan debuted as a newspaper:

Of course, none of the stories on there are real. I think. This was an assignment for one of my classes at college, my most favorite class actually. My teacher provided five of the six stories on there, and I formatted and layed all of them out in my own fashion.
The one story I did make up related to the photo I also took (on Flickr). It's the "Aging Population takes badly to new technology article." Basically it's about how my friend, Chris (pictured) is struggling with today's programs at his age and needs a tutor.

Originally I was going to write about him staging a protest on the roof about how more computers should have the programs on them so he could have a better time with it, but it changed into something more legitimate. In reality I'm sure it's true that the older population is having trouble migrating to today's advanced new technologies, having to relearn stuff and re-educate themselves on the new complicated, futuristic computer applications. Chris is my example. I'm proud of what I wrote.

It gets me thinking of actually producing this kind of thing myself. After all, I do have InDesign, the program I used to make this front page. It all generates ideas.

It's all interesting. Maybe I'll do more. We'll see.

-Justin C.

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