Wednesday, October 7, 2009


This just boggled my mind - it blew a sprocket. I could not believe it.

I COULD not believe it.

Showing a friend of mine the ability of Google Earth during research class at Algonquin, I said, "they have Streetview on here..." I casually clicked on the streetview icon in Google Earth, not expecting it to work as I didn't think they had streetview in Ottawa yet. I was completely taken off guard and wholly surprised that little camera icons did show up. I clicked on one. I was brought into a panoramic image of the road.

My god.

I clicked out of the image and hurriedly zoomed over to Barrhaven. Maybe they had Streetview over here too. I zoomed in. They did. And to my great astonishment, they had it on my street, a small residential road within a neighborhood of Barrhaven.

I thought they would have only done it on major roads, not little residential streets! I was looking at my own bloody house!!

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It's a good thing the lawn was cut. But the recycle bins should have been inside the garage, not out.

This was crazy. It was hugely crazy. I went elsewhere. I looked at Merivale High School. I saw a few people standing outside that I knew! Now they're on Google Maps, in Streetview!! It's  everywhere! I got to look inside my grandparent's garage! I got to see my own house, both from the front and the back, from Greenbank Road! Geez!

I have a lot more to look. It's just absolutely nuts. I really can't believe it. What was really crazy was that they'd done virtually every street, not just the major ones like Merivale Road, Carling, Woodroffe, etc. They did things from Greenbank Road to residential streets to freaking dead-ends! This is a day for me that rivals the day Microsoft's Bird's Eye view covered Ottawa. I once had wished that Google would do Streetview of Ottawa, and Microsoft do Bird's eye view. Now they've both done it.

It seems that wishes really do come true!

By the way, here's a list of other Canadian cities that have been covered and are available to be seen:




Quebec (City)



I really can't believe this. I am so happy and excited. Really. When I told my teacher this during class, everyone heard me and stopped what they were doing to go on Google Maps to check out their houses and stuff on the imagery. The teacher spent half an hour on the site herself until declaring that she couldn't work on the computer anymore, for the thing was too addictive.

She's bloody well right!

-(Very excited) Justin C.

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