Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"Good Thing"

There's a song I recently listened to that I haven't heard in a long time. I originally heard it on a commercial about TD Banks and I liked it immediately. It was called "Good Thing," by the Fine Young Cannibals. Of course, it turned out to be from the 1980s and it wasn't Madness nor really related to them (Kind of, actually - two the the Cannibal's members were originally from the Beat, a band who used to tour sometimes with them and whose lead singers laid down vocals for their song "Victoria Gardens") but still a British band. After hearing it on the commercial, and then hearing it on Bob FM once, it came back to me now and then, and tonight I decided to go on YouTube to locate it.

After hearing it I've decided to do a review on it. So here it is:

The song is mostly quite good. The piano and bass work together and form a good instrumentation while Roland's voice is energetic and not dull. While it tends to stay in the same musical keys (on the bass it's a continuous D - F - A - G - D),* it isn't the same all the way because there's a different pattern played at each notable part of the song. And there's a piano-focused bridge. Otherwise the verses and chorus are the same musically. Regardless of this repetitive music the song still strives with energy and there's always something going on. It's fast, it's fun, it sounds good and doesn't stop being exciting. I like it.

Song: B+

It's in my favorites on YouTube now, so I can hear it whenever. I must say, before this all I knew about the Fine Young Cannibals was their song "She Drives Me Crazy." That wasn't bad either. It sounded kind of cool.
It's a good song and I'm happy to hear it again, properly. The music video has a lot of scooters in it. Now I must do a review on a few other songs I've been thinking about these days. I've mentioned them before but I never wrote a review. So I should be doing that soon.

-Justin C.

*The notes above are all guess work. I know the correct frets because I relied on ear and synesthesia to get the proper sound, and when I played it it worked, but my musical notation is kind of rusty, so forgive me if they're wrong. The finger positions are right though.

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