Thursday, October 8, 2009

Flickr and Photography is like visiting a Gallery

It is. People go there and cast their eyes upon the artwork of photographs that were either artfully taken or simply caught in a quick snapshot sort of way, both of which has its merits and taste,

There's one thing about it that bothers me, though. Thing is, people can be really selective of who can see their photos. There's nothing wrong with the privacy aspect of it, but rather the "You have to have your own photos" aspect of it.

For instance, I visited a profile once that stated that the viewer had to have his own photographs and photostream, or else he'd block him from looking at his photos.

That's absurd.

It's quite simply the same as visiting an art gallery and being prohibited to enter because you don't have your own paintings or artwork of sort.

Flickr can be used in two ways: To examine and appreciate the art of other people (in the form of photographs and short video) and to upload your own works of art yourself. You don't have to do one in order to do the other. You can do both or you can do just one of the aspects. It's your call. There shouldn't be silly rules stating that people with profiles had to have their own photos to look at another's photostream, or to favorite their photos. And those rules don't exist; people who have that opinion enforce it themselves.

Luckily, if you don't have a profile on Flickr you can visit any photostream and look at the photos and not worry about being blocked. But the downside is that you can't favorite any photos you like. You need a profile. And with a profile, other users with stupid attitudes can block you if you favorite their photos without having your own.

Anyone can visit my photostream and not worry about being blocked because they don't have photos. That's just a silly attitude. Go ahead and favorite anything, you don't have to have your own photos. I'm game with anything really. I put my material up for people to see and appreciate and favorite if they like them. There's no restrictions here. A lot of people who have profiles on YouTube sometimes have 500 favorited videos and three uploads. That's perfectly fine. Again, it's like a gallery. You're free to look at anything you want and favorite with no stupid "You need this to do that" restriction. People who do that are just fussy and absurd.

(Oh, and did you know that if you click "All Sizes" at the top of a photo, it becomes much bigger?)

-Justin C.

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