Friday, October 2, 2009

Crazy PhotoStream

Earlier today, entering Flickr without signing in, I noticed something completely different.

A photostream managed by Barack Obama.

I'm not a big guy for politics. I never really read much about them or have much of an interest in them. The most interesting thing I found out in grade ten Civics class years ago was that I was Liberal-minded person.
Not exactly Liberal. Just a nudge to the right, or was it left? I forget.

If it has anything to do with American politics, I'm even less interested. Mostly because I live in the capital city of Canada, and this blog is not called "The Washingtonian." But this interested me. What was the American President doing on Flickr?

Interested (really), I clicked on the link.

There were about 54,000 photos on his photostream.

They went back three years. But I've never ever seen someone have such a huge amount of photos on one stream. Usually, a medium-sized Group on Flickr about a medium-sized city would have that many photos. Not a bloody photostream.

I clicked on the profile. There was a short biography on the President, all written in the first-person, like he'd written it. Geez. In the "Occupation" description, it said "President of the United States of America."

Oh, geez.

How many Flickr profiles have that occupation listed? And like I was going to say, I've never found anyone with that many photos added in only three years (or at all for that manner).

The only conclusion I can draw is that his staff did all this for him. He might have written the profile, but you can bet he had a team upload all those bloody photos. No way he would have done it himself, and besides, just about every photo on his stream is of him. 
While Barack Obama can do many things and no doubt do some astonishing things (such as purchasing a pastry in the Byward Market during his visit to Ottawa), he cannot in any way take a photo of himself twenty metres away while not even holding the camera. Not even in his power as President of a big super-country. It is inhumanly impossible. No one can do it. I'm not even a physicist and I can say that with absolute confidence. I'm a photographer myself and I can prove that I can't do it. Unless the camera has a remote shutter that's triggered by the mind and has wings or a tripod.

Still, that's one crazy find. But it's obvious that he's got at least twenty people doing all that work themselves, with probably hundreds of photographers sending things in.

Still kind of interesting though. And hey - I don't find politics that interesting!

-Justin C.

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