Thursday, October 29, 2009

3D Building Update

Well, I never thought that I'd have as much as 17 building models of mine accepted into Google Earth.

It was amazing! I checked up on it and found virtually all of my models located in Ottawa. I have 20 models currently uploaded. 17 of them have been accepted, two have been rejected (then again one of those two were experimental because I'd tried making it with the 'Building Maker') and the other one still hasn't been reviewed yet. So really I've just had one rejection, and I'm surprised because it says I'm missing textures yet I covered the entire building.

These buildings are of my old neighborhood.

I'm really happy. My hard work paid off. It's all coming together. What's funny is my model of the Public Health Agency (Small brown hi-rises on Carling) was only completed yesterday, and they've been accepted already.

I guess what they do is look at a location and review all buildings that have been recently uploaded in that location that are Google-Earth-ready. In this case they looked at 'Nepean,' reviewed all of my recently uploaded models, and continued on to look at the rest of the buildings I uploaded not in Nepean (such as the Public Health Agency, or Holland Cross).

It's a great motivator. I'm now really interested in continuing. My ultimate goal is modelling as much of Ottawa as possible. And, you know...when a modeller does a great job and has many models accepted into the layer in Google Earth, they become featured in the 3D Warehouse and Google will sometimes honor them for their effort. There was a recently featured modeller from Calgary called 'Into The West' that was talked about a lot on Google's blogs, etc.

I'm on a roll. So look out, City of Ottawa. I'm turning everything 3D!

-Justin C.

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