Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Well, I'm In.

In contrast to the post "I'm Out," now I'm in. Post secondary education.

Today was an early beginning. I got up at 7a.m., got to the college and had to finish some unfinished business.

Thing is, their stupid website wouldn't let us go forward with anything like paying the tuition and getting my schedule, because it was just plain unreliable. I don't really like online sites that do everything electronically, because of this. We spent around an hour and a half getting through all the preliminary stuff, paying, getting my schedule. Then I got my books, finally, and it was a lucky day for me because my first class didn't start until noon and we'd finished "clearing all the red tape" around a quarter to eleven.

After a lunch at McDonald's, I went to my first class, which was "Changing Role of a Writer in North American Culture." It was three hours long, according to my schedule. But it wasn't bad, it was actually quite cool and interesting. Mostly the class just did an ice-breaker. I got to know a few people.

We got out early, around ten after two. I got to Baseline Station and waited for a 95 Barrhaven Centre. When I got to Fallowfield, I changed seats and moved to the back. One thing that was unusual for me was that after sitting down, a girl got on behind me, looked at me with interest, and sat down next to me even though there were lots of empty ones. It was unexpected - I'd never had a person do that before, unless they had to.

Getting home I realized that my keys were in my bag, which was inside the house, not the current one I was carrying.

Good thing I have neighbors who were nice enough to lend me a ladder so I could get up onto the porch roof, and in through my bedroom window. Before, whenever I didn't have my keys, I would use a storage container propped on its side, with a plastic patio chair perched ontop to get up to the roof. I've succeeded in using that method multiple times, even though I only broke something once. And it was the plastic chair I was using, not myself.

I borrowed a ladder this time because I'm older, wiser, and physically larger now. The bin proved too wobbly to stand on while on its side, and putting a flimsy patio chair ontop wouldn't be a great combination.

But all in all it was an okay day. According to my schedule my classes tomorrow start in the morning. I have on average one or two classes a day. Tomorrow, for instance, I have "Introduction to Research," twice. One at eight a.m., and the other at 2 p.m.

It's going to be an interesting term. We'll see how it goes. Meanwhile, expect some photos in the near future based around Algonquin College. I used to take tonnes of photos everyday based around Merivale High School. Now that I'm at College, I'm due to become a one-man repository for photos and media and stuff just like I do everywhere I spend time at.

-Justin C.

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