Monday, September 7, 2009

This is It.

And it is. It. That is.

Today would be the last day of my summer. Today would be the day no one works.

That surprises me (unusually as Labour Day would be that kind of holiday) as I thought it would be last week. Then I was informed that it was the first Monday of the month, not the first day.

But this is bigger. Tomorrow I start that grand ol' writing program at that college...I think it's called Algonquin...and it's kind of another milestone for me.

Milestones are rare in life (hence the name). I consider my first day of high school, turning 16, driving a car for the first time, turning 18, and tomorrow milestones. That's four in 18 years.

I guess I should reflect on how my short summer has been. It wasn't exactly that eventful. The highpoints were camping (with family, not just my father), my bike expeditions, and getting to see people I recognized (while getting some laptop), and the lowpoints were sitting in my basement on my HP Pavilion Personal Computer, staring at the screen while listening to Madness. You know, I'm not just into Madness - I properly listened to Another Day in Paradise by Phil Collins, a wonderful song. Oh, and I got my major movie done.

All in all, the program should be exciting. I'm kind of excited. I got a message from my friend Duncan, who said that he's living at Carleton University now, watching as other young adults pass joints around, immerse themselves in drinking games, and pass out in the hallways.

I'm glad I can easily ride my bike to and from Algonquin.

So this is it. My last complete day. What should I do? Everything's closed. I went swimming yesterday. I haven't done much today. When I opened up my blog today I got a shock when I had two comments to moderate, which is highly highly unusual. That used to happen only when my aunt Roshell had time to comment (a good example of her having no time is her blog appears to not have been updated in a few months) and she was my only follower as well.

I have a funny story about that actually: Back when I first ever started this little web log, I'd originally gotten the idea from my media class. My teacher, Mr. Hughes, had started up a class blog (this is now defunct) for the whole class to write on. Inspired, I started mine, and immediately located the class one and hit 'follow.'

The next day, Mr. Hughes turned on the computer projector. With relish, he said "This is the dashboard..." Then his voice faltered and gained a huge element of surprise in it. "Oh, look, I see someone is following us...oooh....creepy...uh..oh..."

By that time I'd realized that I was the culprit, and I stepped in. "Oh - Mr. Hughes, that's my blog that's following ours here, don't worry..."

"Oh!" He exclaimed, all of a sudden with confidence again. "Okay. I thought I was being kind of stalked there...uh, right..."

The first thing I'm doing today is a continuation of something I started last year: I went outside then, to the RioCan Marketplace, to take daytime panoramas of the empty parking lots. I'm doing that again today, but I've got a different focus. I'll do the panoramas, but I'll also do some monochromes (black and whites).

Other than that, nothing much is planned to go on. One thing I did this summer, near the end, was play a lot of badminton. I also had this constant habit of watching the airplanes fly over, as Barrhaven is directly underneath a flight path and airplanes flying over our yard are common.

One thing I hope, though, is that I finish my story, The Nice Guy. I spent a week working out in the backyard on my laptop, writing it there, but I've not continued since last week or so. I've got to get some more ideas in my head.

Anyway I've got to make my last day of 'freedom' a good one. After all the monkey bussiness with the college (they screwed a lot of things up, what with someone on hospital leave, the online utility, the actual individual who's attending, etc.), it's all done with and I'm accepted and going tomorrow. It'll be a rush because the web utility, ACSIS, which provides my schedule and stuff, won't update with everything so I'll have to go in and do everything hopefully before class begins...I don't even know when it begins, I don't have a darn schedule!!

Now, I've got to go and take those photos. While it would be nice, today won't last forever.

-Justin C.

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