Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Sunny and the Rainy thoughts (Mostly sunny)

I thought I'd put something of interest here: I've been writing a list of what I think about (what solid, actual things I think about and see) in my mind when I listen to particular songs. I've put here what I see when I listen to the 12 inch version of the song The Sun and the Rain, Madness's last top 10 single before pianist Mike Barson left the band and all went downhill.

The Sun and the Rain, Madness (12”)

Orientation: North, North east.

General color: light blue, whitish, some green. Watery.

Opening "dodedodedo’s" with sax: J. B., piano – soap subs in a bathtub, water.
(The "J.B." was actually my friend's girlfriend, though her manifesting in my thoughts had nothing to do with interest and all to do with the way the sax sounded enthusiastic and young and happy, like she seemed (to me)).

Violin during second verse: Gary C. (my grandpa Campbell), Joe B. (my other grandpa Bissett)

String section during second chorus, 1:56-1:59 – sitting at a picnic table in mid morning with a girlfriend, enjoying the time and the wind (it’s windy). Some trees in the background, scene facing an eastern direction, with a wide river or ocean behind the trees and it’s sunny – 2:01-2:04 – falling in love, having a sudden crush on someone (from a girl’s point of view).

Piano chords after the guitar part: Someone with a grudge, unforgiving, standing with their arms crossed.

Second piano chords: That same person letting that grudge go and forgiving. Coming down to breakfast.

String instrumental after first part of last chorus: Becoming interested, having a crush on someone, falling in love, and being thankful (near the end of this instrumental).

String section in the final verse: Climbing a mountain, seeing the days go by, living the days and life to the fullest, seeing many things in a lifetime.

Here is the actual song. I finally managed to get the stuped embed thing to work:

The Sun and the Rain, 12"

I think it's kind of interesting, because overall the personalities and scenes I attribute to the song tend to be optimistic, fun, sweet, and nice. The lyrics themselves are quite optimistic, for instance, during the chorus when being out in the rain seems to feel refreshing, nourishing, and beneficial: "I hear the rain falling in my ears/washing away the weariness like tears/I can feel my troubles wearing down/disappearing to the silent sound."
Or: "I feel the rain falling on my face/I can say there is no better place/standing up in the falling down/it's so much rain I could almost drown."

So really, it's a bright song to begin with, from which I draw from the instruments and music as well as the lyrics (but I don't really pay much attention to them).
Of course, I first draw and comprehend most of this stuff from the texture and abstracts, colors that I see first. Some images, like the picnic with the girlfriend or significant other, are actual scenes that I draw in my mind from the music, and they're nice scenes. The wind was really blowing in that one (I noticed the girl's hair blowing merrily in the scene).

I've got many songs so far on that list. Many people come to mind throughout. "Please Don't Go" makes me think of someone who moved away whom I liked - but not the title or the nature of the song. The way the word "Really" is sung in the line "Please don't go 'cos I really know that I love you." Just that one word. And in only one of the times it's sung. That and the pool at the Nepean Sportsplex. It's interesting. Places from the Black Rock Desert appear in the song "I Ran (So far away)" to a moonlit sidewalk in the middle of the night under a tree during the song "Walking on the Moon" by The Police. (The former was by A Flock of Seagulls).

Some of this imagery as well as the colors/abstracts/textures in music even tell me how my life has been and is going, how I'm living it, the kind of person I am. (The piano during the drum solo in Madness's song Sunday Morning). (And only two of the notes of that piano, near the end before the snare is hit six times consistently, at 2:12 to 2:15 in the song). It doesn't "tell me to do anything," of course. Just who I am, kind of. My nature.

But that's the kind of thing I get from music, sounds. The darn bass drum during the chorus of the song "Rainbows" (again by Madness) makes me think of that same girl I see when the word 'really' is sung in that other song. People come up in more than one song, always.

By the way college is going alright, the people there are a lot more mature which really suits me because I knew a lot of immature people in high school. We're all treated like adults.

I like that.

-Justin C.

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