Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My First Day..

Update: I added a couple of old photos, don't know why I didn't do it in the first place...

...Not in school for the first day of school.

Seeing as I have graduated from the OCDSB, I have no school to attend.

Instead I have college to attend, next week.

But I will miss going to school, actually. I knew a lot of people, either by acquaintance or sight or friend, and whether they graduated or not, I won't be seeing them anymore, not since I graduated (unless I leave my property, then there's a small chance I would, like when I got my laptop). I have many memories. And I remember all my first school days. They were all fun and interesting and a relief:

Grade 9: That day was fun. It was a sunny day, and waking up that morning it was the first time I'd seen Barrhaven so early in the morning. Everything was on the move. I took the 176 and it got super crowded. I saw many people I knew from middle school. That day was a good one. I met with Myles and Duncan and the barbeque was nice even though I'd lost my tickets. I went home early that day (grade nines only come for the morning) and set to work dismantling the play structure the previous occupants had left behind that day. We'd only lived in Barrhaven since the beginning of the summer.
L-R: Duncan F., Myself, Myles M. on our first day of grade nine.

Grade 10: Again, it was a beautiful sunny day, and it was nice to sleep in because the higher grades went to school later, after the grade nines had left and the barbeque had finished. It another fun day and interesting.

Grade 11: That day was even more fun because I had a few friends to look forward to seeing. Myles was no longer there, but I'd become friends with these two music students who seemed nice.
Grade 12: By then my first day of school had become kind of usual, with every class following the same routine of giving out the course outlines and stuff, but it was still a great relief to see people again.

L-R: Duncan F., and myself on the last day of school, grade 12.
A few years ago, before I even went to high school, there used to be a grade thirteen. That doesn't exist today (which is good) but still, I will continue to miss all those people I would see, that relief and freedom from isolation on my first day of school. Riding the bus to and from school again and seeing my friends on there.

But hey. I'm going off to college. That's big, isn't it? That should be fun. And I hope to meet many people there as well.

As usual, I hope.

-Justin C.

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