Monday, August 3, 2009

Master of the Descent

Everyone has their own way of dealing with the resulting situation when suddenly in sight of, confronted by, or asked of their attention to a girl they like. It is natural for one to start stuttering or staring after they see someone they really like or have a crush on or they are confronted by them, or they come up to them for some reason. It's just what happens.

But I'm different. I fall.

Oh yes. This has happened to me many times. Once, a girl I liked suddenly called my name as I walked by. Down I went. When I was angry once, I was sitting by myself when another girl I liked came by and asked what was wrong. I pretended to go nuts just to be nice, then walked off to trip over the straps of my camera bag. The girl watched with concern as I stumbled away.

It is not just girls. When I first told a friend of mine this, he suggested I was 'falling for them.' Nice pun, but, I liked the figurative sense of the saying rather than the physical sense of it.

Later, I fell when I saw a friend of mine.
I don't love my friends. I like them - but I don't, say, fall for them. The previous friend I'd told started wondering when I'd fall for him, as it now suggested that it would be a mark of our true friendship that I did.
And I did. Three days later.

One time, I saw a girl I really liked (this girl I would like the most out of all of them) and I had a newspaper page to give her. I'd published photos and a story in the paper of her annual fundraiser event and I wanted to give her a copy. Walking down the hall with my friend Fred, helmut on my head as we were going to go biking at lunch, I saw her at the last minute, walking away.
Really, it was a good omen that I was going biking that lunch. That helmut really helped. Maybe I could think straight now and realize that a helmut would be a great accessory for my wanderings in the area of where girls are concerned.

I gave the paper and photos to her later that day, helmutless.

Now, if any of this has taught me anything, I wouldn't count on it. After all, it's the same as banging your head against the wall - futile - and I'm not going to walk around with my helmut on my head all the time. I'm not a menace - when I'm not in sight of any girls I like.

For now, all I can say is that they made those floors at school way too smooth! I can't believe it! So clean and smooth and flat! And the whole effect is exacerbated when you're walking down the ramps! No friction lines on the floor at all! I should know, that's where I fell to the unending favour of that friend of mine! Anyway, that's my defence. I even have evidence. There's a photo on Flickr in black and white of the hallway at school taken from the floor. So darn flat indeed.

Now, I must return to my shopping list: New bike helmut...check. Super soccer cleats with the rubber soles...check....

-Justin C.

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