Monday, July 6, 2009

What I am Responsible For

A thought just came to me. A humorous thought that I thought I should think visually with words, I think now.

Everyone has to have put a little effort in some sort of affair, institution or program they were part of. Everyone contributes something. Therefore, I think I would like to bring attention to what I contributed to and was responsible for during my high-school years:

I, Justin S. Campbell, was responsible for contributing or doing these things at Merivale High School:

-Providing a friendly retreat for the teachers to blow off steam by being a nice and inviting person to talk to all the time.

-Knocking someone's yogurt out of their hands while putting forth an effort for some of these teachers at an urgency while in grade ten. They may have half-heartedly complained "my yogurt," after me, but I knew they didn't like it. Who likes yogurt with awful chunks of who knows what in it?

-Being a minor comic in some of my classes in grade nines and ten. These consisted of resetting low glue sticks so everyone had to spend minutes bringing the glue back up the cylinder. As a result the whole art class got new glue sticks. It also consisted of me lazily putting scotch tape over my eyelids in grade ten science for appearances. I found that class hard.

-Bringing the eighties pop music onto the scene with Madness's Our House. I got Mr. Graham, the athletics director, to put it on while in grade ten. Two years later while I was in grade 12 they played it again (though no one noticed) so it must mean that it made some significance. Lovely old days those were.

-At times, being an outlet for girls I liked by accidentally falling in their presence. They may not have laughed in front of me but they were on the inside - what a comical person I was - so that must have let off some steam for them. By grade 12 I made sure to wear a helmut as a precaution.

-Giving the school publicity with my ridiculous photos of everything - from broken windows to graffiti under the stairs - and posting it on Flickr. Also by reporting for the Barrhaven Independent, which isn't what your normal student reads.

-Helping new bus drivers on the school route they suddenly undertook for some reason (maybe the higher pay rate?)

-Helping the reduced efforts and stoppage of a minor drug dealer by unwittingly being best friends with one of his buyers/suppliers.

-Getting underneath a vehicle on safety stands in grade 11 to check for rust damage when everyone else was too scared to trust the safety stands.

-Actually getting Mr. Carpenter's jokes which none of the class seemed to pick up on.

-Being a short-term friend for many people throughout high school.

-Promoting the replacement of the misspelled sign "Special Edcucation Department" by being such a spec. ed.-hold name that they thought I should have it as a special present when I graduated as a reminder of the great times spent there.

-Drafting and then later re-drafting the football playbook and then not giving the plans away to my cousin who plays for the opposing Sir Robert Borden football team.

-Having connections with many teachers so that I had the inside scoop on what my friend's progresses were, so I could coach them on what to do right and how to succeed in that teacher's class.

-Assisting in the conveyance of the newly delivered yearbooks to an adjacent conference room so the school wouldn't be delayed or deprived of the yearbooks.

-Saving the day when I returned a fellow friend's clarinet to them when they left it on the bus during grade 11.

-Being a one-time excited thought-of source of cookies, before the realization that the container held tasteless pencals, pencil-crayons, erasers, calculaters, awful pencil shavings, and bitter scotch tape.

-Looked up the word 'curmudgeon' to please Mr. Joel Graham, which I did, then subsequently labeled Kevin Mellow one.

-Paid for a big lunch for my friends, a group of teachers.

-Was a fun guy to have on normal lunch excersions, with teachers.

-Lightly moderated a bout of swearing between teachers of the phys. ed. department and entertained them.

-Gave it my all with my effort and patience with Frederick King in my helping him with his photography work. And slightly suffered in mine with all that time spent.

-Apparently seemed to make a significant amount of girls either stare, smile, intentionally bump into, tailgate, play songs, and talk to me throughout my years of high school, thus creating a positive atmosphere around us.

-Proved that effort and determination and respect for the environment really shows, in grade 12, when you ride your bike on Earth Day all the way from Barrhaven to school - thirteen kilometres - in cold rain in April, then doing it everyday starting in May. It made me privy to a raffle for a new bike so that helped my interest - but I didn't win.

-Told off a drama teacher that the art of drama is really pretending (and when it's "with heart," it's really "with style"), then subsequently switched right into his second semester drama class. I think that move probably restored his faith in my allegiance with drama so all was well. And contributed to that program by unwittingly making people laugh too much.

-Stopping the freaking out of a computer comm. tech teacher's eyes by stopping an action on the computer screen so his eyes didn't get any worse. When he told me to.

-Cleaned up the sports storage rooms in the basement because I didn't like playing soccer in the basement gyms. I don't think they're clean anymore.

-Contributed to the swim team by showing up at every practise and then achieving a personal best on the team. Personal best, that is - for myself, not for the whole team in general.

-Contributed to the general professional staff atmosphere at school in a small way with my fun adventures with the teachers. Great times we had!

-And Finally, contributed to the yearbook with slightly blurred photos of music-related events, and to the newsletter with several photos of teachers as well as an uncharacteristic panorama of the front of the school (but that wasn't featured on the last newsletter). It lives on in the school website, small and black and white and with weird white lines and alterations to it.

I could include many more but I can't go on forever. You can already tell I've left Merivale High School with my many unknown, mundane acts of contribution (some personal). It's really big in a way.

So I hope I can go on with life knowing with pride that I proved the sand-under-the-science-labs myth true when I once unwittingly ended up down there one day in grade 12. I think the myth is active amongst several spec. ed. teachers. Big.


-Justin C.

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