Monday, July 13, 2009

We all experience this

We do. That thing where we see someone famous on T.V. or in a movie and find ourselves attracted in some way to them. Where there's a sitcom character that looks very appealing in some way, or a movie star that all the girls find 'sexy' or handsome.

I'm not immune to that. In fact there's a few interesting characters I've found myself interested in. Unfortunately, one turned out to be in her fifties when I figured out the T.V. promo photo of her in her teens was from 1965. And that I'd seen her in several movies unknowingly, from Forrest Gump to Mrs. Doutfire. But had I lived in the times of "Flying Nun" and "Gidget," my infatuation with Sally Field would have been more, say, normal.

But hey, that's okay. There have been several big people out there on television and the movie screen that I've found very attractive or appealing. They're actually my age or a year younger/older. For awhile I watched Arrested Development to almost exclusively watch the character of Maeby because her personality and feistiness got my attention and interest. My mother likes to watch this show about Gene Simmons and his family. And I can't believe his daughter is younger than I am (by a year and several days). Not something I'd think of someone who acts like a mature adult and carries herself so well. But I'd never think of her ever looking in my direction regardless of the amount of girls I found that were keeping their eyes on me longer than usual during my days of high school. I even made a list (but won't ever show that here of course). But I shouldn't boast or brag because for all I knew they were merely just giving me a second glance and meant nothing by that.

But the one person I think goes beyond any of the others mentioned here is the one with the red hair. The one who was born the same year as me but is still five months older. I really find her appealing. Unfortunately she is all the way over in the U.K., where everything great is. And I mean that - their music, literature, actors/actresses, movies, culture, everything - England is where the best comes from in my opinion. I like their tea more than coffee. There are a few exceptions that benefit the rest of the world at large in their opinions, but otherwise England is it. Anyway yes, I will have to admit, the one big movie star I do find attractive, and, in a way, am infatuated with, is the magical Bonnie Wright.

Yes, yes, I know, that's ridiculous. What would really kill me is if she would ever come across my words. Kill me as well as surprise me so much that I'd probably faint because no one like that, I doubt, would come across this little outfit of Blogger. Maybe, but I doubt it.

What's important is that when we have these attractions to people who have such prominence, it's best to not think about it. Admiration can be the furthest we can go unless whoever it is also tends to be very big in some way. Not physically of course. I'm never going to dwell on these matters. No one does or should. If one day I become a very knowledgeable novelist/screenwriter without a wife or girlfriend, we'll see. I should note that when I say I'm attracted to someone like that, it's usually to their personality as well as what's on the inside. There are of course physical tidbits that would get my head turned around in the first place, but usually then getting to know them myself or on the screen is what really sparks the true liking or emotion or whatever. And that when I am attracted to them - I'm attracted to them, not who they're playing.

That should clear up any confusion. We all go through this at some time or point. I know I have. Sometimes it can get crazy, but we can't loose focus on what we have in our own lives to love. That's what's important. Oh, and that Radcliffe guy - all I can say is 'good for him,' even though he's acting a role.

-Justin C.

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