Friday, July 31, 2009

Timelapsed Backwards

From grade nine to grade 12 I took the bus home. It was a good route because I only needed just that bus to get from Merivale to my part of Barrhaven. But the reason for that of course, is that it was a special school route that specifically catered to students. It wasn't a school bus, a normal city bus really, but it did the job.

One sunny day at the end of May while I was in grade ten, I decided to do something interesting with my camera. The previous day I'd experimented with video on it and tried putting it up against the bus window in the last two minutes of the ride. So the next day I decided to hold it up against the window for the entire ride.

It worked. My batteries handled it, let alone my memory card - and it recorded thirty freakin' minutes of passing buildings, trees, lawns and houses from Merivale Road, throughout Barrhaven, eventually to the road I got off on.

Last night I finally did something with it. Last year I'd put it in timelapse like I wanted to in Premier Elements. Watching it last night, I decided to upload it. And another funny thing is, I'd attached a song's chorus to the 20 second clip. Backwards. So after editing in the street names so people could see where the bus was in seconds, as well as a title scene (taken of the same bus the same day before getting on it) and an ending scene of the bus on the road after I got off with some notes, I put it on YouTube.

My hope is that people who took the bus as well as people who went to my school, yet as well as people living in Barrhaven come across it. It's a few years old now. I did catch a few people getting off who walked in front of the camera after leaving the bus. They show up for about one or to frames. A second has thirty of those frames. That's pretty fast. But it sparks some memories of who got off where, who used to take the bus and old friends and all that stuff. I think it is a good nostalgic video.

Finally, here's some facts and notes about the whole thing:

-The beginning photo is exactly the same bus that it was filmed from on that day, and the girl walking toward it at the side is an old friend of mine.

-The last scene with the words on it was taken just after the bus pulled away, but it also brings up another interesting fact: I was let off in the middle of the road behind my backyard, and the reason the driver did that was because he can finish his route early and turn left; the bus is in the left turning lane in the photo, not the right. Conditionally the bus route continues back down Strandherd west towards Gorman and Tartan, but I was always the last person off (perfect for my video) so what was the point? Had I gotten off at the bus stop that would have already been on Strandherd and so on...

-I started the video to begin when the bus turned into Larkin off of Greenbank Road, thus starting its venture throughout Barrhaven. If I'd began it on Merivale Road (where it was first started) it would have been too fast.

-The driver, who I remember wore a Senators jersey, missed the turn into Maravista Drive, which would lead us down Flanders and back up Kennevale. When he realized this he said he was too concentrated on a Senators game. Was this when the Senators were playing the Ducks I wonder... He missed the turn again the next day and so he went backwards, turning down Kennevale, up Flanders and back down Maravista again.

-The roundabout on Jockvale is brand new in this video; it was integrated in the winter and this is mid-spring that I did this; the little walking islands are a spotless white and the asphalt is still darker than usual. And this would be before the integration of a roundabout at Jockvale and Weybridge.

-As for the song, I'm leaving everyone to guess what it is. I will say that it is by Madness (or else no one would ever guess what it is) and my hint - it's from their album "Absolutely." I originally added this backwards chorus when I exported the proper video to my computer from my editing software, because I think certain instruments such as the sax, bass and piano make it sound better that way. It sounds nostalgic this way I think.

So there's my old video finally released to the world. It's a nice nostalgic old video, of Barrhaven, of the old bus rides from school, of high school in particular, and of old friends and acquaintences who used to take the bus with us. With some Madness added in as well, of course.

Now I'm off to a swim with my friend.

-Justin C.

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