Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Making of a Newsletter

This came out with my report card this summer:

And yes, I am the "CampbellTrain" in there. The photo of me with teachers is the final school luncheon I held with them that I planned for a few weeks. Six out of thirteen teachers made it that day.

So I thought I should give a detailed report on how it was made; why not? I have all the files and records. For this page of the newsletter here, I have some of the material documenting its progress:

This was one of the original drafts of the CHEO design I had to do in graphic design last semester. It's at the bottom corner of the newsletter there with the rest of the class's designs.
Mr. Irving Osterer is the man behind the words and photos. In fact he has had me help him out with the progress. In previous newletters my school panorama was used at the top. It isn't showcased in this edition, but I contributed several photos. The teachers on the front (not shown here) were either stock photos or photos I took. You can tell the difference because my photos look a little differently due to the brightness and color. And the fact they're new, never-before-seen photos.

Here's another behind the scenes look:

You can see that if you look very closely, the poses match exactly. This is my photo of the photo session for the Barbeque, in the newsletter. The same people are pointing, the same expressions are worn on their faces, 'cept my photo is more detailed and bigger.

I have the same kinds of photos taken at those times for other newsletter photos as well. There's a photo for Music Monday. I have my own version of it being taken. I took my own photo of the group of Athletic Letter winners at the Athletic Banquet. The version in the newsletter is of course flashed. Mine's athentically natural color, and not blurry but quite nice I think. And let's not forget the saxophone player on the second page (not shown). That's my photo - they took the background away, leaving just the player. So I happen to know and have all the evidence of how the piece was put together. And I happen to be in it. I have the photos used, photos of the rest of the photos taken to be used, and artwork.

Here's the last bit of newsletter building-block I have in my care:

"On Friday, June 19, Justin Campbell celebrated his 18th birthday by inviting his friends and teachers to a special graduation gathering at Boston Pizza"
Mr. Osterer's photo he e-mailed me after that day.
That's the newsletter for you. From my perspective anyway.
-Justin C.

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