Tuesday, July 21, 2009

If I were a Wizard

Capatilizing on the whole HP6 ruckus, I thought I'd make a fun little anecdote of what kind of wizard I would make if I were one (in the HP universe that is, with everything in the books applicable). And if I lived in the U.K.:

- I would likely be a 'pure blood' wizard'

- I would likely be in Ravenclaw at Hogwarts

- I would not be very prominent anywhere and would not be mentioned in any of the books if I attended at that time

- I probably wouldn't play Quidditch nor come to watch a lot of it

- I would most likely be good at Charms, potions, and Herbology and maybe history of magic

- I would likely know a lot of people by sight and have many connections.

All in all I would likely have the same kind of time there that I did during high school. I wouldn't be surprised if I were quite friendly amongst the ghosts. My high school years in reality were capatilized on having connections with teachers, doing average in everything and going from one small friendship to another, and knowing a lot of people by sight and acquaintance because I'd gone through elementary and middle school with the same people. I didn't do extra-curricular stuff until the end and did not play or watch sports, so my fictitious life in the Harry Potter world would likely be the same. However I probably wouldn't be friends with many of the teachers (0r professors as they in the books).

Actually, did you know, I went through one friend my age or close to once per grade? Every one except Fred in grade 12 has either become very weary in my presence, can't stand my personality or temperament, or got into some fight with me or disagreement and that was it. I've only kept one friend since grade 1, and that's a huge accomplishment. Fred is the only friend of mine that's lasted more than a few months in one year other than that one, but that's because I believe there's a principal involved.

So if I were a wizard...everything would be the same. Except I could perform magic, and my ambition would likely be to work in "Department of Mysteries" in the Ministry of Magic. In real life I am interested in writing novels and screenplays.

-Justin C.

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