Monday, July 20, 2009

HP Review

Well, I have seen it. The big movie. The sixth incarnation of the Potter series.

It was okay but I have to say not great. The whole series has gotten virtually nothing but awesome praise yet not a lot of criticism. I looked at the reception of this installment and of course it was all praise. But it praises what was only good - the visual effects and the marvelous acting. Don't get me wrong, I agree heartily. The aerial visuals of London at the beginning were cool, and I like that stuff. But did I hear anything about the plot line and the scene transitions? No. To be perfectly honest I thought it was a little too jumpy and compressed. The main thing the directors always go for in creating these movies is time. How long the movie will go. I will agree that the movies should not be four hours long. But some of the measures they take, I find, aren't exactly the right ones. The whole outcome of the result is completely based on time constrictions.

My overall opinion is that I was quite lost in some parts due to the exact scenes just popping up without any foreshadowing (Dumbledore tells Harry he's teaching him private lessons, in the movie he's just asked to his office out of the blue). Some things were rushed on right away such as Harry's interest in Ginny. Some aspects were introduced to the character that I find are the opposite of who he really is. Like attempting to pick up a waitress in a coffee shop at the beginning. They removed stuff that was integral such as at least a hint of the Ministry of Magic, and the Dursleys. Quidditch scenes focused entirely on Ron; I know it was about him largely, but have at least some action on the rest of the court? I may sound fussy. But out of the entire thing, there should be at least some criticism, because nothing's perfect. I noticed director Yates's trademark zoom-through-newsprint effect. One thing that did not get me at all was the 'burning Burrow' scene - that's completely added in. I don't like the implication that Harry just 'goes' to the Burrow in the beginning without the knowledge of any of the Weasleys and just shows up by surprise (actually, I should point out also that the little scene of Ginny through an upstairs window while Harry looks up is also little too common to be featured here, I've seen that kind of scene everywhere - even in a dog commercial).

I won't say the movie was bad at all, because really, it was 'okay.' Not great and not bad. Indifferent. And hey, it was funny too. But they really turned a few things around. I did not expect Ginny to bring Harry into that Room of Requirement to hide that book with him - and then kiss him with his eyes closed. (And even before, they were about to before fire erupted around the Burrow). Wasn't she still with Dean Thomas? The movie didn't show that she was with him or not by then but for the implication that they'd been fighting once.

So, I'm sorry to write just an 'acceptable' review, but everything has its merits as well as its irksome problems. I personally really like the fact they're splitting up the last movie - because they'll have a lot of leeway with coverage of what properly happens. They don't have to worry about time constrictions so much.


All visual/sound/magical effects/acting, direction: A

Plot/story line, cinematography: C+

There's my take on it.

-Justin C.

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