Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy Post-Canada Day

Right, I am a day late. I know. I spent all yesterday writing about my meticulous ways of keeping and storing things.

However, I did go to some Canada Day event. I went to both experience it and take photo, for, alas, my records. Plus I may send a few to the paper; my telephoto lens got me right to the performers onstage, all of which performed 70s music.

This was the Barrhaven incarnation of Canada Day celebrations. In Clarke Fields, where people went, row upon row they sat. All in front of the stage. In the end fireworks lit up the sky in the west, and I took photos of that too. Also, for the record I got a few photos of the crowd with Jan Harder within. She's the counsellor of Barrhaven and it was in a way, interesting to see such a political figure at such a local event.

Reminds me of the art show back at school, back at the end of May. While I was there, a tall bald man with glasses was surveying the artwork. My teacher and mentor, Irving Osterer, got excited and tried to introduce me to him.

"Justin, Justin, this is a great opportunity for your newspaper co-op! You should interview him! You know who he is?"
", I don't think so." I was stunted for a second. I stared at the man for a second.
"This is Mr. Hunter."
"Glad to meet you Justin."
"Oh, uh, you too....oh....I think I know who you're that guy....on the council....that Gord Hunter guy."
"Yes, that's right."

He's councillor of the ward I spent my childhood in. And it was kind of interesting to meet the guy as well, regardless of my slow recognition of him. Maybe because of all the photos I've seen, he didn't have glasses and his hair was darker, not grey. And his voice sounded different than I thought.
Fond memories.

But anyway it was your normal celebration. With 70s disco music. I will post the best photos on Flickr soon. I'm busy processing them now.

I wonder, last year a band did a lot of covers of sixties bands. This year it was the seventies. Maybe next year they'll do the eighties? That would be nice. Let's hear some Devo! Duran Duran! A Flock of Seagulls! The Police! Madness! Cindi Lauper! The Talking Heads! Yeah!

That would be one Clarke Fields experience I'd go to. I like the eighties. Yeah.

-Justin C.

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