Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Flock of People

Today, the big day, will no doubt have a lot of people 'flocking' to it. They're going "I Ran (to see the new Harry Potter movie)".

But yeah, I would expect that the theatre is ridiculously full today, all for that one movie. It's always been big. We have one movie theatre here in Barrhaven - a 7 screen complex - and it serves the whole and surrounding area. I will go there if a movie interests me (which is not often).

I won't be going to see that movie today. Because of the frantic stampede already packed in at the theatre. No, I intend on seeing it at least on the weekend when the calm is at least partially restored.

There's a history of days when those movies came out. When the fifth one came out (or was it the fourth?) I was uncannily not the last one on the bus after school. Back then, I was always the last one to get off the bus, and maybe there'd be one other person but not usually. That day it came out, the whole bus was fully packed when I got off. It was really weird.

Every single time I went, however late to avoid the huge amounts of people squished together, we were still in a very full theatre. The series has really become a huge event every few years, ever since the very first. Now it's happening again today.

Maybe I'll go and see what's happening near the theatre. Not inside it of course. But maybe there's a huge line up outside or a large amount of people going crazy near the front doors over the movie. It would make for a few interesting photos - to document what happens when a new Harry Potter movie unleashes itself upon our local theatres.

Look on my Flickr page in the coming days in case there's a photo of several people resorting to sub-human instincts in order to get the last ticket for the day's matinee that I managed to take and post.

By the way, I made yet another reference up there. The title gives reference to A Flock of Seagulls, an 80s new wave group, and the opening sentence also references their runaway hit single I Ran (so far away).

-Justin C.

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