Monday, June 15, 2009

Well I am out.

Out of school, yes.

School ended Friday the 12th of June, and now it's just exams and the graduation thing. Plus I have a big lunch with a bunch of people on Friday. My first and last exam, English, takes place tomorrow. Then I'm officially done.

My summe will be short and quick. I know. Every summer I have gets shorter. But this time might be different. I'm going to College this year, not school. I've graduated high school. Now I'm on to my post-secondary education. And I'm heading for writing.

Yes, the main course I choose for college is proffessional writing. I've finally gotten through the darn process of getting in there, now I just have to wait for an acceptance letter and stuff. I need to get many things figured out.

But hey, let's take time to write what I couldn't write in my yearbook write-up due to a stupid 260 character limit:

My time in Merivale High has been a considerable one. These years I've spent learning many things that you wouldn't normally learn in a classroom. I made many friends - albeit adult teacher ones - and a few my own age or close. I had the reputation for having a mysterious cookie container that contained no cookies (it was actually my famous pencilcase) and when I finally went to them, the sprit and school events were actually not bad. End of the year lunches were always great, and I won't forget walking down these halls and seeing and knowing people and having a great familiarity with everything. I may have had some bad classes, i.e. math, but otherwise my time in high school was generally a positive one, and fun. I will miss going to Merivale, taking the bus every morning and riding my bike, seeing everyone I know, and hearing Mr. Graham put 'Our House' on the intercom in the morning.
I bid everything - everyone, every teacher, every hallway, locker, building, classroom, drinking fountain - a fond farewell.

Now, I am off - off to the adult life of fending for yourself, getting along in the world, taking care of bussiness, and whatever. I'm off - to be who I am.

-Justin C.

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