Friday, June 19, 2009

On the Hunt for the exotic left-handed bass

It's just about my 18th birthday, and as usual I'm onto something naturally expensive. So out we went today, after this big important lunch, all along Merivale Road for a bass guitar.

I've always appreciated the sound a bass makes. Whatever I'm listening to, I tend to listen more to the bass than to the rest of the song. It's just always drawn me to it. I love the sound it makes, and I see it as an easy instrument to play. Maybe it's not but I love the thought of creating those sounds myself.
First I went for drums - I'd been pretending to play them for three years and I liked to keep the beat and stuff, and they appealed to me, so I got them first for my sixteenth birthday - and now I'm all for bass. There's just one big problem:

I am a left-handed person. Always been. I write with my left hand, I drum left-handed, and it's never bothered me. The problem is, the left-handed bass guitar is very rare, and more expensive.

And it's very annoying because we went to several places, walking the whole way. From Hunt Club Road all the way to St. John's Music. They didn't have any. Next we went to this pawn shop in the Landcaster mall, and they didn't have any basses at all. So back down to Barrhaven, via the forever-long 176, we went. At Int. Music Land, they did have basses. All the right-handed ones.

To locate a good left-handed bass the salesclerks spent about fifteen minutes looking through files of companies they order from. Then on the net. Finally, they located one - one - from this 'Fender' company in the states.

We bought it. Right away. We'd been everywhere on the hunt for the rare left-handed bass guitar, from Merivale Road (which is supposed to have everything) to Barrhaven, where its commercial centers are growing such that it shouldn't be too hard. But there was another problem:

I have to wait a few weeks before I get my hands on it.

I don't know why being left-handed has to pose such a real disadvantage. It's very annoying. No one is left-handed. The market appeals to right-handed people, and they form the majority of society. We lefties never get much of anything because of that.

It's very annoying

I have to say, BRING THE BASS FOR LEFTIES OUT OF THE 'ENDANGERED' LIST!!! It really makes us work hard to find one. Man. I really can't believe how hard it is to locate a bass that's mirrored to the right one. There's nothing wrong with that.

Sometimes life just poses the odd natural disadvantage.

-Justin C.

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