Wednesday, June 24, 2009

More than a few photos

You know, when one takes multiple photos of an environment that people frequent, like say, school or something, they tend to get one person in more than one photo often enough.

I mean, when I look for someone who may have appeared in the background of any photo I took at or near school, it really isn't that hard. And I've surprised myself often enough when I notice that person again in some other photo.

This has been the case for any past infatuations I've had with any girls at school. And it's also improved my knowledge of what they might have been doing at the time. One girl appeared in my "Merivale Detention" event photos hundreds of times (always in the background). Along with that, she also happened along in my Clean-up day photos, my photos of the skating trip, and no doubt any photos I took in the hallways at that place. All in the background. Another one, that watchful girl with the embarrassing questions, coincedentally appeared in any photo I took with the west hallway link in the background, as well as the art show photos, photos I took after school on the bus (before it left, while it was parked in front of the building with everyone boarding them) that "Detention" event, and no doubt any foyer photos. Hell, I have photos of people in the background taken before I knew them!

This is a good example: While it's an awful photo (I was using a point & shoot without a tripod to try a long-exposure effect of people motion blurring), right there in the orange is my friend Fred. This was taken on September 4th, a few days after I started grade 12. I hadn't become Fred's friend yet at this time. But there he is, right there in one of my old photos. And I had nothing to do with him then.

All this media I have ends up being very interesting and scary, because I have such a visual record of everything and everyone. I really don't have to worry about not having a photo (or video, even) of them, whether they're in the blurry background or at the forefront of the composition! There have been a few darn videos I've made at school where they've also appeared in the darn background.

They say that you leave high school with many great memories. Well, yeah. Only I'll have no problem at all because they're all documented so thoroughly that the result could acurately substitute the yearbook. Several of them.

But that's just me. I tend to be a meticulous record-keeper. I seldom let things go. So it's all good.

-Justin C.

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