Monday, June 15, 2009

The Gift Revealed

Man, I forgot to mention that I got their gift.

Madness, I mean. I got the mail two weeks ago and found a package with my name on it. It looked very much like what they would send to me, so I brought it into the house and opened it.

This was what I had recieved:

Yes, this is an autographed photo of the band. Left to right is Lee Thompson (Sax), Mike Barson (Piano, keyboards), Mark Bedford (Bass), Dan Woodgate (Drums, percussion), Chris Foreman (Guitars, and the guy who sent me this), above him Carl Smyth (trumpet, backing vocals), and Suggs (Lead frontman, vocalist).
The other thing I got was their single, 'Dust Devil.' Wow. Like I said, it's an okay song, but I got it right from them so it's special.

I got this on a day that, yes, that girl, asked me an uncomfortable question, so it was good timing. Madness sure do have a knack for timing their affairs perfectly.

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